Holistic GMAT Mock Test Series – 15 Full-length Mocks by Experts’ Global

Holistic GMAT Mock Test Series - 15 Full-length Mocks by Experts’ Global

The GMAT mock tests are an important part of your GMAT preparation process. You may have mastered the concepts and solved the practice questions, but acing the GMAT with a good, competitive score needs more than that. You need to be prepared, psychologically, to take the test. The very nature of the test may become stressful and it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with the test-taking environment so that you have a go-to test-strategy and know to focus your attention in that stressful scenario. Hence, the mock tests are essential as these orient you to the feel and nature of the test. Needless to say, if you choose the right mock test series, you can rest assured that your mock test score will be indicative of your GMAT score. So, how do you select a good GMAT mock test series? Firstly, the test should be identical, in number and type of questions, to the GMAT. Secondly, the test should reflect some resemblance with the GMAT scoring pattern. Thirdly, the test should have a good performance-analytics in place to suggest your areas of concern. And fourthly, the test series should be affordable as an MBA student also needs to keep into account the cost of taking the exam and completion of the subsequent application and admission procedures.

If you are to check against all the aforementioned factors, Experts’ Global GMAT mock tests qualifies as the best mock test to opt for.

1. Quality of Questions

The Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test questions closely replicate the GMAT questions in terms of complexity, scope of testing, content tested and all other factors. Besides, the GMAT full-test screen with the necessary graphics and controls are also replicated in this mock test series. Thus, the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test series helps to acclimatize the student to the test-taking environment. You can even take the free GMAT mock tests.

2. Representative Scoring

One of the difficult aspects of providing students with a near-perfect experience of GMAT, before they take the final test, is replicating the scoring pattern. The scoring algorithm used on GMAT is not public knowledge and test developers can only make a guesswork in their attempts to recreate the same. However, Experts’ Global has been able to bring in a close appropriation of the GMAT scoring algorithm. This may be supported by the fact that most students report a great likeness between their GMAT mock test score and their GMAT score. Achieving this likeness in the scoring pattern is essential because it provides the student with an accurate assessment of their readiness to take GMAT.

3. Robust Analytics

An efficient performance diagnostic has been included in the Experts Global’s test prep package. This software breaks down the results of each performance to suggest the student’s weak points in specific types of questions. This software can also analyze previous performances to provide a broad understanding of the individual strong and weak points. Moreover, this analytics also tells you how long you spend on various types of questions. Thus, with the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test package, the student can understand his/her own weaknesses and devise an effective prep strategy to overcome the same.

4. Self-Study Resources

The entire Experts’ Global GMAT mock series includes interesting self-study resources. Thus, each mock is followed by a video explanation of the solution to the question as well as the most efficient approach to solving the question. Therefore, if you are unable to solve one question, refer to the video instruction to clear your concept and understand the smart way to answer the question. Besides, a 10-part e-book series on sentence correction is also included; this is the most comprehensive resource on GMAT sentence correction available. Go thoroughly through this series to master the sentence correction segment.

5. Cost

The Experts’ Global GMAT mock test series consists of 15 full-length mock tests, a number considerably higher than what is included in other GMAT mock test series, and is priced almost at the same rate as the latter test packages. Besides, this test series is replete with several interesting features as an immaculate likeness with the GMAT test and robust performance analytics. Thus, while the larger number of tests ensures that you are comfortably able to build more endurance and formulate a better test-taking strategy, the distinctive features ensure that you command a competitive edge among the test-takers. Experts’ Global understands that frequent and consistent practice is the key to a good GMAT score and has accordingly designed the mock test package.

Experts’ Global GMAT mock test series is, indeed, the most composite and complete GMAT mock test package that anyone could ask for.

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