Borders Between New South Wales and Victoria in Australia Closed

New South Wales and Victoria

The border dividing the two most populated states of Australia has been closed down for the first time in a century in order to prevent coronavirus outbreak. These two states are New South Wales and Victoria. The border area between these two regions is currently under military patrol to ensure no one trespasses illegally. Last time, such a closer had happened was during 1919 because of the Spanish flu.

Daniel Andrews, the Victoria Premier, said that the decision was a smart call and have been taken at the right time. He said that the virus is challenging and in order to contain it, this is the best move. The capital of Melbourne is seeing an increasing number of cases every single day. Thus, the step was much needed at this time.

New COVID-19 cases force New South Wales and Victoria borders to close

As per Sunday, the state of Victoria reported of 127 new COVID-19 cases. It was an increase from the daily average number of 109 cases that were being reported across the entire continent over the past week. The local authorities have reinforced social distancing rules in order to prevent further increase in cases. They have also put nine public housing buildings on lockdown.

In the first week of June, the average number of cases across Australia was around nine. Gladys Berejiklian, the New South Wales Premier, said that the border between the two states has been closed for an indefinite period of time. However, some people will be allowed to cross.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Australia has infected 8,755 people as of now. The death toll is 106, while 7,455 have recovered. The country has been strict about their lockdown measures and has been able to keep the number of cases much lower than many others. However, they plan to increase the restrictions in order to restrain the spread all the more.

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