Beijing Faces a Second Wave of Contamination of Coronavirus

Beijing Faces a Second Wave of Contamination of Coronavirus

The second wave of coronavirus contamination in Bejing reaches 106 cases on Tuesday. The authorities put 29 communities in lockdown yet again in the capital. The health officials gave confirmation about 27 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. Though this number of infected patients are much lesser than before. But Bejing faces fear again as the city had not even a single new case of coronavirus infection for the last few days.

The new cases are found again around the food market in  Beijing, China. The epicenter of the new outbreak of coronavirus is the wholesale market Xinfadi.

Xinfadi market’s size is of more than the size of 250 football fields. It is one of the biggest wholesale food markets in Asia. The market supplies up to 80% of the capital meat and vegetables to 22 million people in Beijing.

The authorities are taking actions as soon as possible to isolate the infected people in the neighborhoods. They are doing an intense testing campaign on workers of the market, visitors, and people who are recently been to this market. The number sums up to almost two lakh people. A total of 90,000 residents are among them who live around this neighborhood.

There are a lot of people who came back after lockdown in Beijing by Tuesday. The housing societies moved to quarantine again. The authorities are not allowing food deliveries around this area. They marked the zone with roadblocks.

New lockdown for the residents of Beijing

The occurrence of coronavirus and the fear of it caused unprecedented lockdown in Wuhan and the area around Central China. It happened in January affecting approximately 35 million people with strict lockdown measures after the first wave of the new coronavirus. That first wave was in the wholesale food market in the capital of Hubei province.

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Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist of China said that it would be very difficult to determine the way this coronavirus virus is spreading in Wuhan and Beijing for the next few days.

He also added that the virus’s resurgence starts from the market and spreads from seafood or meat. The cold and wet environment is particularly may be the reason which is keeping the virus alive for a longer period.

Beijing officials are restricting the residence who liven in high contamination zone from leaving the city. They have also put a ban on taxis and other ride-sharing services. With this measure, people are restrained to travel out of the city.

The people who left before this lockdown is instructed to report to nearby health facilities immediately.

Beijing’s new outbreak is not the only one in Asia. Tokyo the capital of Japan is also facing more than 20 new infections of this coronavirus in the last past 6 days.

These two new waves of the virus are a clear indication to the world especially the United States of America and several other countries that are still vulnerable to the coronavirus reinfection.

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