What Sizes do Bean Bag Couches Come In?

Bean Bag Couches

Long gone are the days when bean bag couches were only available in a small, one-size-fits (almost no one) shape.  Bean bag couches today have evolved into completely respectable pieces of furniture perfect for any space.  Many even have the ability to convert into additional pieces of furniture.  Now available in a plethora of sizes, it’s easy to find a size that works for your needs.  But what sizes do bean bag couches come in?  Is there truly a bean bag couch that can fit in the space you need it to?  Absolutely!  Here are four of the most popular sizes of bean bag couches.


  1. Youth size: Harkening back to their bean back ancestors, the youth-sized bean bag couches of today are the closest in shape and size to the ones we remember from years ago.  Measuring the bean bag couch from end to end and top to bottom as if it were sitting atop a square, the youth sized bean bag couch measures approximately 32X32 inches and weighs around twenty pounds.  This bean bag couch is the perfect size for kids, tweens, and even adults who need a smaller bean bag couch for a smaller space (e.g. a reading nook).


  1. Full size: The full-size bean bag couch is about ten inches larger in circumference than the youth-sized bean bag couch.  Measuring in at approximately 42X42 inches, and weighing thirty-five pounds, the full size bean bag couch is considered the industry standard for bean bag couches today.  It is the perfect size for comfortably seating an adult, and fits just about every imaginable space.  The full-size bean bag couch is small enough to fit just about anywhere, yet large enough to provide comfortable, never-want-to-get-up style seating.


  1. Queen size: The queen size bean bag couch is a new industry standard size that you and your guests will love.  Just slightly larger than the full-size bean bag couch, the queen sized measures 48X48 inches and weighs in at approximately forty-five pounds.  This bean bag couch is the perfect size to hold its own as intentional seating in any room while still being a space saver compared to a traditional couch.  As an added bonus, look for this bean bag couch (and other sizes) that have the added bonus of stowing a mattress right inside!  Some bean bag couches are considered convertible furniture pieces because they are filled not with polystyrene pellets but rather plush mattresses that fold out for additional sleeping space.


  1. King size: What sizes do bean bag couches come in?  King, baby!  The king sized bean bag couch is the true Cadillac of bean bag couches.  Measuring 60X60 inches and weighing about sixty pounds, the king sized bean bag couch is an attention grabber.  This bean bag couch is capable of holding its own in a room and makes an excellent statement piece.  Able to provide seating for multiple adults and/or children, the king sized bean bag couch is perfect for any space.  Media rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, dormitories, investment properties, and the like are all great environments for the king sized bean bag couch.

When considering a bean bag couch for your space, you are no longer restricted to the standard size of long ago.  The once small and uncomfortable bean bag couch has been replaced by an array of different shapes and sizes that can be molded and fit into the most difficult, or hard to fill spaces.  Whether you are searching for a bean bag couch as additional seating or permanent, intentional seating, there is a bean bag couch sized right for your needs.

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