What Makes the Best Magnetic Lashes So Great 

Magnetic Lashes

We’ve all been there: you’re at the end of a really long workday or maybe you’re in the restroom at your favorite club…you catch a quick glimpse of yourself in the mirror and what do you see?  The horror…dark black streaks under both of your eyes that make you look like you’re crying black tears.  Ugh.  Unfortunately, it always seems that no matter how much you spend on the best mascara out there, there is just no getting around the raccoon eyes.   Or is there?

Clumpy, messy and expensive mascara is now no longer the only option out there for long, luxurious lashes.  You can finally stop wasting money on what you hope will be that miracle mascara you’ve been searching for.  You can now stop worrying about dark, ugly smudges and you don’t have to watch your lashes slowly disappear as the day wears on.  We have come a long way, baby.  The latest ‘make-up upgrade’ is magnetic eyelashes!   There are many positive features to this amazing product so let’s talk about them and why they really are so great.  Starting with the magnetic eyeliner and finishing with the make up removal swabs, this beauty trend is quickly becoming the go-to product for professional settings, a night on the town and everything in between.  The eyeliner is easily applied, just like standard liquid liner and easily removed using specially designed swabs.  There’s also a huge selection of products and multiple styles to choose from.  You can go classic and simple for everyday wear or you can go sexy and sassy for those special nights out.  Options even include bright white or multicolored!  You can buy one set and use it every day, or you can purchase multiple designs to go with the many different events you have on your calendar. You can choose from curly lashes or straight lashes, long or short lashes, natural or dramatic.  There is even a way for you to choose the right look for your specific eye shape.  You can narrow your choices down to include items designed specifically for almond-shaped eyes, deep-set or hooded eyes.  You’re able to get the exact look that works best for you and lashes designed for the exact events you’re planning on going to.  No more worrying about black lines on your hand if you happen to rub your eyes and no more running to the mirror every hour to make sure you don’t have a black mess under your eyes.

Magnetic lashes are an exciting and elegant way to show off your beautiful eyes.  There are absolutely no known side effects from using magnetic lashes or the magnetic eyeliner and all ingredients have been deemed safe by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) The liner itself comes in two colors, black or brown, and every individual product is unique so it’s best to follow the specific directions that come with your package.  They are reusable for up to 30 years and have a variety of accessories available to help with the application and removal processes.   You will want to practice a couple of times before wearing them to an event, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that switching to magnetic lashes is a convenient and fun way to change up your make up routine for the better.

Many of us have been using the same type of makeup for as long as we’ve been wearing makeup.  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, time to try something new and time to change for the better!  Time to give the best magnetic lashes a try.

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