Tips For Renting A House With Your Dog

tips for renting with pet

Renting is an overall complicated process, but when a pet enters the picture, it just becomes even more difficult to accomplish.

There are certain landlords who just downright refuse to have pets on their property. If you have an emotional support animal, then there is a chance that you would be able to live even in a house where pets are usually not allowed. But, let’s be honest. Nobody likes a hostile landlord.

So, today we will be talking about one of the most common pets, a dog, and how you should look for a rental when you’re with them.

Having Time Is Very Important

It would be best if you had plenty of time on your side when you begin looking for an apartment. You might even, in certain conditions, have to pay more than usual to keep your pet. This amplifies when you are in a hurry and have to move out just because your lease is up.

Start looking for a new place eight weeks before your lease is – that will give you enough time to scout places and make arrangements for your pup.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

When you begin looking at a new rental, pay attention to the area surrounding your rental. Does it have a yard? Is there an area around the place for walks? Is the neighborhood safe, and will you feel safe walking around in the middle of the night?

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These things are important for you to consider before choosing a place to live. The worst thing that can happen is you change your mind after you have already settled in. Not only does it cost money but also time and effort.

Consider The Landlord’s Position As Well

It can be very frustrating if a landlord refuses to allow you to rent just because you have a pooch. According to you, your dog might not be a nuisance and never chews the carpet or destroys the furniture.

But that is not the case with all pet owners. There do exist dogs who misbehave, a quick look through the internet would tell you the same.

Some landlords are also concerned with the noise that your dog might make; This may be inconvenient for other tenants and neighbors. Some landlords are against the complete idea of pets. But some might allow you to live inside the house if you can prove that your pooch won’t destroy the house.

Consult With The Local Humane Society

If there is anyone who knows about the buildings that allow pets on their premises, then it is the Local Humane Society. Such societies, your vet, and the real estate agent are the most credible sources for figuring out the pet-friendly housing apartments and areas.

If you are looking online, try and search for directories that clearly state whether or not a pet is allowed on certain properties and the potential fees associated with something like this. Also, keep in mind there are places where there is a weight restriction and breed restriction, so do check that out as well.

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Check Out Alternative Housing

If you are just looking at apartments or independent housing, then change tactics. Traderzip, craigslist, or even your local papers classified section, give you access to a completely new pool of potential places to live.

Smaller renters are also more willing to make accommodations for potential renters than the bigger corporations. Your best bet would still be to look at places where people with pets already reside.

The biggest drawback, in this case, would be that even though the last option is the easiest; it might not be the best for you.

Ensure That You Train Your Pooch Well

It does not take long to figure out if or not your pooch behaves well. You might have an overexcited pooch who is high on energy. But if he is rowdy on top of that, it might not be very easy to rent a house.

Additionally, ensure that your pooch has got all their vaccines, that is a necessity while renting a house. If you are getting the vaccine already, keeping a compilation of your dog’s medical records doesn’t hurt either.

Where you live plays a big part in the productivity and peace of your life. So, getting a place to live needs to be a decision you take happily and not under duress.

Millennials, the generation which is fast approaching the income bracket needed to buy their own house, according to reports, are buying homes keeping in mind their pets.

This has not escaped the notice of builders, who have now started providing amenities like indoor pet relief area, pet washroom, swimming pools, and run areas — all for your animal.

So, if you are already looking for a place to live, it doesn’t hurt to watch out for these amenities as well.

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