Skin Care Tips and Tricks From Celebrities Who Don’t Age

Skin Care Tips and Tricks

If someone wanted to find a fool-proof, sure-fire way to earn a fortune, the best way is for them to come up with a business that is built on the premise of keeping you young for as long as possible. Just think about it, none of us will ever say no to skin care tips and tricks simply because we all want to look good and as youthful as possible. If it is skin care routines or skin care advice that we are talking about – there are no better people to ask than celebrities who don’t seem to age.

 Here are some skin care tips and tricks that some of our favorite celebrities swear by. 

Cindy Crawford Swears By Her DIY Mist 

If you paid attention to your history classes, even without an actual face to her name, you would know that cleopatra was probably one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot on this planet. That said, it is absolutely no surprise that Cindy Crawford swears by her DIY mist – something Cleopatra used to stay young and beautiful, too. The recipe is actually quite simple : just mix equal parts mineral water and milk, put it in a spray bottle and spritz it on your face after cleansing. If you are tired of having to go through so many skin care product reviews to find the 

Beyonce’s Secret Cream 

Beyonce IS queen. There is absolutely no question to that. As it turns out, she has a product of her own that she swears by. Thanks to her Make Up Artist John, Beyonce has been following his advice of using eye cream not only on the eye area but on her entire face. By the looks of it, this directive has done wonders and it is something we want to try out too. 

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Glow Getting Secret 

No matter what role she plays, Gwyneth Paltrow is just as gorgeous as ever. It comes off as no surprise that she swears by dozens of skincare rituals to help her maintain this thing she calls that Goop glow. But in a previous interview with Vogue, she revealed that adding grape seed oil when getting a lymphatic drainage massage doubles the effect of the said healthy massage. 

Julia Roberts’ Secret in The Kitchen 

Undeniably, Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful women Hollywood has ever known. The great news is that, even without so much effort, you can actually have something in common with her. You would be surprised to know that this item can be found in your kitchen. Add olive oil into your daily skin care routine. Yes, you read that right. As it turns out, Julia Roberts is actually a big fan of olive oil. It’s super hydrating and suer good for your skin, to say the least. 

Kate Hudson’s Go-To Facial 

Do you want a super simple trick to get you glowing skin just like that of Kate Hudson? Dunk your face in ice-cold water. We know it sounds a little intense and to an extent, funny but Kate Hudson actually swears by this and calls it her go-to facial! Grab a bowl, add in water and of course, do not forget the ice. That’s it! You’re good to go. 


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