Elisha Elbaz on how productivity and happiness affect each other

Elisha Elbaz

Entrepreneur Elisha Elbaz owns the company Digital Future, which is known for helping app developers market their new apps, as well as growing personal and business brands on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Elisha Elbaz also has over 90,000 followers on instagram and is known for showcasing his stylish looks, as well as spending time with his family. Elisha Elbaz has achieved success that ambitious entrepreneurs seek advice from him on how to become successful on social media platforms such as Instagram.

However, with running such a successful business it can come with challenges, such as lack of productivity, demotivation, or stress. It can also come with the feeling of happiness, motivation and determination.

Elisha explains, “Business can easily consume your being. Every person that I know who runs a business says it is extremely stressful. I can count on one hand the amount of people I know who run a business and also are happy.” 

According to studies carried out by Heinz Marketing, in order to have a successful production you would need to have six behaviours:

  1. You need to balance time with your family and friends, or you need to have time for yourself that doesn’t allow you to interfere with work.
  2. It’s important to sustain energy in order to not tire yourself out physically or mentally
  3. To recover quickly from derailing or after being side tracked from productivity
  4. Don’t react to other people’s agendas, since everyone has their own way of organisation
  5. Dedicate time on activities that can bring your success
  6. Stay active and fit so that you have a better state of mind and good physical health

Elisha advises, “My advice would be to set a schedule and to stick to it. 

The schedule should include time for your business meetings, research, productivity tasks and a lot of time to yourself. It may sound simple, but I assure you that it is an extremely challenging thing to do. If you can do that, you might just be happy.”

According to the American Institute of Stress, there are many studies that show job stress is something that works up progressively throughout the decades. It isn’t something instant and is not the main source of stress that Americans experience right away. 

In fact, the job stress increases through the perception of feeling little control over your job and receiving lots of demands instead. It can lead to a spike in heart attacks, hypertension and other stress related disorders. The American Institute of Stress has broken down the reasons for stress to 6% being lack of job security, 20% juggling work and personal lives, 28% having people issues and 46% is workload. 

According to statistics, due to the stress that people feel from work 2% have actually struck someone, 34% have had difficulty sleeping, 44% have reported stressed out eyes, 12% complained of hurting hands and 12% have called in sick because of job stress.

However, there can be improvements to a good working environment and you can find happiness in your job. An important key to happiness is to maintain your fitness by exercising 3 to 4 times a week. 

The brain releases an endorphin which is the ‘happy chemical’, that promotes positive feelings and a sense of euphoria. By working out you can improve your mental health and physical health, which is an advantage to having a good night’s sleep and a maintained routine with a balanced diet.

According to everyone active, working out from home can help reduce depression and anxiety. It can help release other chemicals in your brain such as acetylcholine which enhances memory and affects learning, dopamine which influences motivation and serotonin, which promotes a better appetite, mood and sleep.

Elisha advises that, “one of the keys to happiness at work is making sure that you eat right, have a maintained routine that involves exercise and to make sure that you balance your own personal time with business, by keeping them seperate. Above all, do what makes you happy.”

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