Seat Covers Can Be the Savior of Your Boat

Savior of Your Boat

Owning a boat, be it for personal or professional reasons, is not an easy task. Every belonging of ours needs proper care to make it look pristine. If you have bought a boat recently, then the first items to add to your bag would be good-quality covers meant for your boat seats. They will ensure that the seats remain intact and little to no damage is caused to them due to the harsh effects of the marine atmosphere. 

With the use of proper seat covers, you can avoid the harmful impact of saltwater and humidity ruining the interior of the boat. The constant exposure to the UV sun rays can also make the fabric of the upholstery brittle within no time. Then there’s the problem of stains that occurs from the water splashes, or spillage, or due to general usage. So having seat covers seems to be the best solution for combating all these problems. 

Types of seat cover you can choose from

Removable Covers: Some boats have covers that are permanently attached to the seat surface. Initially, they look good but as days go by they began to gather dirt and gain a shabby appearance. They cannot be removed to give them a proper wash. So, these types of seat covers are not preferred by boat owners.  Rather it has been seen that there’s a growing demand for removable boat seat covers. Its versatile nature is what has made them so popular. 

These covers can be easily removed whenever required. Maintaining them is not at all problematic. Though dry cleaning them would be the best option, some of these can be even machine washed at home. It may cost you a little more but you will thank yourself for deciding to buy such covers for your boat seat because of all the conveniences. Just check whether they come with proper secures to keep them in place.  

Customized seat covers: Another option for you would be to customize the covers. In this way, you can fulfill all your requirements. You can choose the fabric, color, shape, and designs of the covers. They will be a perfect fit for the seats. You can also add a personal touch to them by asking the manufacturer to add a logo or text of your choice on them. To get the best ones, all you need to do is provide them with the proper dimensions of the seats of your boat. The rest will be taken care of by the makers.

If you have the time, patience, and the required skill you can try making seat covers for your boat if you don’t want to buy. That would be something you can show off to your boat mates.   

Often the covers tend to get stuck to our skin because of the humidity present in the air on hot days. To avoid this, what you can do is to remove them before you set sail and again place them when you are back ashore. This would no doubt make your guest enjoy the added comfort.


Whether you decide to buy readymade removable covers or have them custom-made for you, be sure to enquire about the warranty period of the covers so that you can approach the manufacturer if any issue arises within that period. Invest in buying some good quality covers as they can save the interior of the boat and keep them looking new for a long time to come.

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