Global Warming Solutions: Stop Global Warming

Global Warming Solutions

Global warming is one of the burning international issues, which, if not handled, can cause irreversible effects on humankind. An uncontrolled increase in temperature can result in ice melts and deforestation, affecting everyone from humans to animals to marine life. Therefore, it’s critical to come up with global warming solutions to stop global warming.

Let’s look at some effective steps you can take to fight climate change and reduce the impact of global warming.

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is a long-term phenomenon of heating of Earth’s atmosphere and climate system, resulting in a noticeable increase in temperature. It generally occurs due to the increased emission of carbon dioxide and CFCs due to industrial and human activities.

The Harmful Effects of Global Warming

Global warming causes a multifold impact on all life forms. Let’s briefly discuss the harmful effects of global warming.

Increase in Temperature: The obvious impact of global warming is an increase in temperature. Over the past 100 years, the average global temperature has increased by around 0.8 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Extreme Weather Events: Abnormally high temperatures can result in extreme weather events. Apart from some of the hottest summers, the world is also experiencing colder-than-usual winters. Such climate fluctuations can result in events like cold jet streams and heat streams.

Ice Melt: The melting of glaciers is another horrific event that is triggered due to an increase in temperature. The permanently frozen ground, known as permafrost, has declined 10% over the last six decades. Many coastal areas are also at risk of floods due to ice melt.

Global Warming Solutions
Global Warming Solutions

Ocean Acidification: When ice melts, sea levels increase. Moreover, as CO2 emission is also growing, oceans absorb some of that gas, becoming acidic. Acidification of oceans can adversely affect marine life.

Flora and Fauna: Global warming can take a toll on Earth’s ecosystems. Many plant and animal species are moving north in response to higher temperatures. So, if the temperature increases, several plants and animal species that couldn’t move north will go extinct.

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Social Effects: Finally, global warming adversely affects human society. The loss of flora and fauna can disrupt internal food markets and supply chains, causing prices to increase.

Best Global Warming Solutions

Now that we’ve discussed how global warming affects the world in multiple ways, let’s discuss what we can do about it. We won’t discuss the large-scale steps governments and climate NGOs can take. Instead, we’ll look at some things you can do at a personal level to fight climate change.

Let’s look at some effective global warming solutions that can help negate the negative effects of global warming.

Use Renewable Energy in Your Home

It’s trending. Many people install solar panels on their roofs to meet their energy requirements. Doing so has two advantages. First, it helps fight against global warming. Second, it enables you to reduce your energy bill.

If you can’t use renewable energy in your home, find other ways to reduce energy consumption. For instance, you could buy energy-efficient appliances that consume less power. Also, you can change your electricity habits. For example, you can develop a habit of turning off the fan every time you leave the room.

Waste Less Food

Wasting food is a less-recognized way of contributing to global warming. Here’s an interesting stat. About 10% of energy in the US goes into producing food, and around 40% of food ends up in landfills. If you waste less food, producers will produce less food and cut down their energy consumption.

Reduce Water Waste

Pumping water and treating it to make it consumable requires a lot of energy. Like food, when you consume less water, the producers will produce less water and reduce their energy consumption.

Global Warming Solutions
Global Warming Solutions

How can you cut down your water consumption? It’s quite simple. Use less water when showering. Turn off the tap when washing your hands and brushing your teeth.

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Reduce Pollution

Air and water pollution play a pivotal role in causing global warming. By reducing the pollution you create, you can play your part in the fight against global warming.

First, let’s talk about air pollution. You can tackle air pollution by correcting your transportation habits. If you always take your car to work, try using public transport more often. Driving an electric vehicle can be a helpful idea if you can’t use public transport. If that too isn’t possible, be sure to at least get your car checked for pollution.

The only way to reduce water pollution is to cut down on the waste you produce. A significant amount of waste is dumped in oceans and water bodies. So, the less waste you produce, the less of it will end up in oceans.

Plant Trees

A highly effective way of fighting global warming and climate change is to plant as many trees as possible. Global warming causes deforestation, which can adversely affect not only humankind but also the animal kingdom. By reforestation (i.e., planting trees), you can alleviate the negative effects of global warming and even prevent it.

As discussed earlier, the increasing emission of carbon dioxide is a major cause of global warming. Plants consume carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen.

Raise Your Voice!

Finally, speak up about climate change and global warming. You must’ve heard of Greta Thunberg, a Swedish social activist who has raised her voice against climate change on international platforms.

You don’t need to speak up at international conferences to create an impact. By merely sharing awareness within your circle or on social media, you can play your part in fighting global warming.


Every individual needs to fight against global warming in two ways. The first way is to reduce their environmental impact by limiting energy consumption and food and water waste. The second way is to raise a voice and join initiatives to fight climate change and create a large-scale impact. It’s alright if you can’t do both. Even a small step taken towards stopping global warming can have a significant impact.

So, what do you think is the best way to fight global warming?

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