How Russian Hacker Stole Millions from Casinos

Russian Hacker Stole Millions from Casinos

Slot machines in live casinos can be tricked if you know how to do it. Of course, it is incredibly complicated. But there are some people in history, who managed to do so. For example, like successful Russian hacker Alex, who crack the code of hundreds of slots all around the world. He did not work alone. He has his own crew of people who travelled around the globe and helped him earn millions. They communicated via mobile phone, which used to record the progress of the slot machine game, and then Alex let them know when to bet, spin and win.

Predictable Random Number Generator

Alex was a talented Russian mathematician and programmer who lived in St. Petersburg. But after eight years of work, he decided to take a different path. He focused on how to win at slots in land-based casinos and how to cheat them. His trick was to reveal algorithms, which generate pseudo-random numbers that are important for the “random” sequences of slot machines. The operation of slot machines with such numbers generated is indistinguishable from entirely random behavior. At least for the human brain.

The Russian hacker Alex learned to predict when a slot should pay much more money. He used a team of about four people who travelled around the world, visit casinos and filmed slots on mobile phones while playing. The accomplices forwarded the video to Alex, who was in Russia. He evaluated the videos and sent back exact instructions on when and how to play. Alex made himself a modern Robin Hood who took from the rich casino and gave himself. He was relatively safe, but his people had been behind bars for several months in the United States because of fraud.

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Alex had resorted to blackmailing a few times since working in full-time operation, offering game providers not to rob them if they pay him. Companies in such situations are instructed not to deal with him. Hackers’ demands could increase, as has happened in the past. Nevertheless, one of the companies chiefs decided to meet Alex on neutral ground in the US, but Alex backed away with the fear of arrest.

How did Alex Become a Slot Hacker?

Alex studied programming and mathematics at a Russian university. He then trained Russian agents for the Russian Security Service FSB (formerly KGB) for two years. He also studied cryptography and hacking at the Military University. Subsequently, he worked for a Russian casino, where he tried to point out weaknesses in the slot machines for the Austrian company Novomatic. His job was to set up the settings so that 90% of the money was left in the casino and only 10% of the players were paid out. Thanks to this background, he was able to crack the algorism and win all the money.

How it Was Ilegal

There are many things in casinos, which are legal, and people may not know about it. For example, card counting is not against the law even many people so. Using any sort of device to gain an unfair advantage is illegal. Like using cameras and filming the gaming sessions.

This also applies to online operators. It is strictly forbidden to use any recording or predictable software. If the player uses one of these, and online casino found about it, the player loses all winning and the operator close the player!s account immediately.

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