NSO Group Spyware Hacking WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon & Microsoft Users Data

NSO Group which is Israel-based became focus of public attention in this spring,  after the media reports that its spyware software products are being used to hack the WhatsApp messenger, and as well as it can spy on the owners of the Android and the iOS smartphones. The user data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon servers, can be obtained by Spyware from NSO Group, according to an article in The Financial Times.

While all the hacking allegations are constantly rejected by NSO, the company has not even denied the development of such technology, which also prompting many questions among the experts.

The infected smartphone device provides NSO’s Pegasus software with the authentication keys for the Google Drive, and the Facebook Messenger and for the  iCloud cloud services, according to Financial Times, and with this technology, the Pegasus manages to bypass also the two-step authentication and the email notification.

Even after the corrupt software, the users are not notified of any suspicious activity and some information security experts even doubt effectiveness of Pegasus, but the representatives of Facebook and Amazon have already promised to investigate and to strengthen security measures of their cloud services, whenever required. The WhatsApp had been targeted by NSO, had been revealed in May, according to the Forbes.

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