Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Removes User Reviews & Ratings from its Website

A news report published on AppleInsider cites a reader, who noticed that Apple Inc has removed its “Ratings & Reviews” tab, from all its product listings. The tab was removed from all items listed on Apple’s website in UK, US, and Australia. And that would probably suggest that the removal was indeed intentional by the firm.


It was also determined that the change became effective November 17, by using the archived versions of Apple’s website. That’s after two days, of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro launched but it isn’t clear if this is a coincidence or something intentional.


The impact of user reviews offer a kind of transparency with products and also gives the customers a chance to consider the potential qualms that other customers experienced with a product, before purchasing them. But now that the company have been completely washed out of the website that gives what kind of message to customers of its products?


Most probably that move took its ratings down, in an effort to stop the hateful reviews. Because the Apple TV’s original series The Morning Show was also recently subject to lots of bad reviews, and most of them coming from “Apple haters” as revealed in the Recode’s interview with the director of the show.

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