Good News for Reddit Users!!! Share Directly to Snapchat

According to official statement announced by Reddit, now the users of the Reddit app can now directly share posts to “Snapchat” in a new integration today.


Using share icon on a post, the Reddit app users can share their post on Snapchat. Those who are having the Snapchat app installed, will be able to see the Snapchat icon, and a share to Camera option. Hence, the content can be sent directly to friends or posted to a story.


The content will appear with a Reddit logo, and an image, on Snapchat, and the link to the content. The Reddit app will open, when another user clicks on it. If any user doesn’t have the Reddit app installed, then they will be sent to the App Store link.


According to Reddit, the feature may eventually include other social media sites.

Now on the App Store, the official Reddit app can be downloaded for free. And it’s designed for both the Apple iPhone and all iPad models.

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