Did You Know About These Benefits of Beetroot for Skin?

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin

If you have ever been on a health spree, you would know that some vegetables are just the favorite of every health professional. Beetroot is an important part of this list of vegetables. Whether you consult a fitness expert or read any online material, you will find that beetroot is often on the top of the list of foods suggested. They are also considered to be a superfood.

Beetroot, which is also known as beet, has been known as a highly nutritious vegetable. You might have come across several recipes that include beetroot as a vital ingredient. It is consumed in a variety of dishes in several cuisines across the world. From salads and soups to smoothies and desserts, beetroot has created its special place in numerous types of foods and beverages.

You can get impressive health benefits by consuming beetroots. Some of the benefits include lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, fighting inflammation, increasing stamina, improving digestion, and supporting brain health. Those who have low hemoglobin levels are advised to drink beetroot juice as it has proved to be effective in increasing hemoglobin levels.

But did you know that beetroots are also effective in improving skin health? The nutrient composition of beetroots makes it an ideal food for those who want to get healthier-looking skin. Numerous benefits of beetroot for skin can be obtained by people who consume beets on a regular basis.

Read These Fantastic Benefits of Beetroot for Skin

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin

Beetroot, whose scientific name is ‘Beta Vulgaris’, is known by different names. It is known as ‘Beetroot’ in British English, whereas it is known as ‘Beet’ in America. It is also known by other names, such as ‘Red Beet’, ‘European Sugar Beet’, ‘Table Beet’, ‘Dinner Beet’, and ‘Garden Beet’. Beetroot is the taproot portion of the plant on which it is grown.

Nutrients that form part of beetroot are fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The minerals include copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, and manganese. The vitamins include vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Beetroots also contain folate, which is a naturally occurring form of vitamin B9. The fat content and calories of beetroots are quite low. The benefits of beetroot for skin are possible because of the nutritional composition of beetroots. Let’s have a look at these benefits below.

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Fight Hyperpigmentation

The color of your skin is a result of a natural pigment called melanin. When your skin tone starts getting uneven, it’s called ‘hyperpigmentation’, which is caused by excessive melanin production. The increase in the production of melanin occurs due to the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight.

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin
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The color of some parts of your body gets darker than the remaining parts when you suffer from hyperpigmentation. You can fight against this problem with the help of beetroots as they have vitamin C in an adequate amount. Vitamin C can reduce the production of melanin, and therefore, you can get your original skin color back.

Improve Complexion

Improvement in complexion is one of the amazing benefits of beetroot for skin. Along with treating hyperpigmentation, you can also brighten up your skin complexion a bit. Beets contain iron, protein, and phosphorus. These nutrients can give your skin a pinkish color, thereby making you appear fairer than before.

Moreover, beets detoxify your body by eliminating all the toxins, as they contain antioxidants. When your body gets rid of toxins, your blood gets purified. When your blood is purified, your skin complexion automatically gets lightened. Beets can also treat your tanned skin. You can even say goodbye to years of tanning.

Anti-Aging Effects

The fact that consuming healthy foods and beverages can make you look younger for a long time is not hidden from anyone. Beetroots occupy a special place in the list of these foods and beverages. They have anti-aging properties due to their nutrients. Beets are a rich source of betaine and alpha-lipoic acid. Betaine is an amino acid, whereas alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant.

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin
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While the former repairs tissues, the latter attacks free radicals. On top of it, beets even contain antioxidants and folates. As a result, you get anti-aging effects from beetroots. Since beets purify the blood, they delay the aging process. They can also control signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

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Remove Acne and Pimples

Acne and pimples have become common skin problems in today’s time. You can remove them by consuming beetroots, as it’s one of the benefits of beetroot for skin. Beets have anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. Due to these properties, they can treat acne and pimples. They can even control oil segregation or oil secretion and, therefore, prevent breakouts.

Get Bright Pink Lips

The vitamin C and antioxidants present in beetroots give them their bleaching properties. These properties of beets lighten the color of your lips by reducing the formation of melanin. Beets can also retain the moisture in your lips.

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin
Image Credit: Dr. Health Benefits

Thus, you can get bright, pink, and moisturized lips when you include beetroots in your meal plans. Beets are used as an ingredient in cosmetic products. If you have dark or hyperpigmented lips, beets can help you in improving the color of your lips.

Treat Dark Circles and Blemishes

Treatment of dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots is also one of the benefits of beetroot for skin. As people spend a lot of time staring at screens these days, they can easily develop the problem of dark circles. If you have dark circles, beets can help you get rid of those. Beetroots can also make blemishes, dark spots, and other skin imperfections disappear.

Beetroots have antioxidants, potassium, iron, vitamin C, and carotenoids. These nutrients can repair skin tissues and, therefore, make your skin look healthy. You will no longer have dull or dry skin. Beetroots promote the blood flow in your body. As a result, the damaged cells in your skin get revived, and your skin will get revitalized.

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin
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Beetroots can increase collagen production in your body. Collagen is the most abundant protein that your body produces. It is found in the various connective tissues of the body. This protein is responsible for the elasticity or stretchiness of the skin. Beets can give you crystal clear and smooth skin.

Parting Thoughts

If you are tired of dull skin, dry skin, or dehydrated skin, you should consume beetroots. They can hydrate and soothe your skin. If you don’t want to consume beets, you can apply them to your skin in different forms. For example, you can apply grated beetroot slices or a thick paste of beetroots on your face and neck. Beetroots can hydrate, nourish, and smoothen your skin.

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