Apple Revamped Privacy Site; ‘Everyday Apps, Designed for Your Privacy’

Apple Inc today announced an update to its privacy website that touches on various new privacy benefits found in iPadOS 13, iOS 13, watchOS 6, and more. Company’s updated website includes the white papers on how the company approaches privacy in Safari, and sign in with Apple, the Location Services, and Photos by providing the visitors with a deeper insight into company’s privacy mission.


Website also reinforces Apple’s four core privacy principles that includes, minimizing the data collected from users, transparency when collecting data and how it’s used, processing the data on the device when possible, and strong device encryption. Apple user can visit the website at, which is now highlighting iOS apps like Maps, Messages, and ‌Photos‌ and how they each enhance iPhone users’ privacy.


There are multiple recent privacy and security innovations that it has accomplished with its latest software updates, according to Apple, that includes:


Find My: Apple uses end-to-end encryption to communicate with the other Apple devices nearby in order to find the lost iPhones and Macs by ensuring that it doesn’t know location of the device or the identity of the device that discovered it.


Contacts: Any notes stored in the notes section of the Contacts app will not be shared with third party applications when they are granted access to the Contacts app.


Background tracking notifications: iPhone owners now get notifications when apps are using their location in the background, providing them with a chance to turn this feature off.


Arcade: No advertising or third-party tracking is ever permitted.

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