Trolls World Tour Sets a Benchmark After Epic Digital Release

Trolls World Tour

The pandemic followed by the subsequent lockdowns is changing the world drastically every passing day. This is evident in such a large number of points of our lives, such as the film dissemination world. According to the latest official statement by Oscar, movies that will release during the pandemic will be very much eligible for the Academy Awards for the next year. Such movies are making their debuts on streaming services instead of regular theatrical releases. The shift marks the beginning of a new era in world cinema.

Now everyone will be able to enjoy premium content such as newly released movies from the comfort of their homes. There will hardly be any need for you to visit the theatres. It surely marks an evolution because in countries, especially like the US, movies could only be launched on streaming services after they have become at least a couple of months old in the local theatres. A big amount of credit for such a massive change goes to “Trolls”, a family movie that has recently been released on streaming services such as Amazon Prime and iTunes. The movie was supposed to get a big theatre release that could not be made possible given the current situation in the USA, and all over the world.

Windowing technology for Trolls

What grabs the attention of the viewers is the fact that “Trolls” made massive earnings by the technology of ‘windowing’. The same technology was nothing short of a taboo even till a couple of months back. Well, Universal surely achieved what no one could before with the “Troll World Tour” that has earned over $100 million in just three weeks of release.

The makers and producers of the movie have paved the way for future movie releases. They have successfully spread the message that PVOD is a potential alternative for all producers who feel that they should opt-out of theatrical releases. They can undoubtedly utilize the expanding OTT offers that are available widely for all customers.

Making it big

“Troll World Tour” is the latest sequel in the “troll” franchise. According to reports, the sequel has earned in three weeks what the original could not even after it became five-month-old in the theaters. In the typical scenario, several producers launch their movies and documentaries at the famous film festivals. However, they now have to look for potential alternatives due to the cancellation of major festivals such as SXSW and others.

Another good news comes from YouTube in this context where the spokesperson states that a virtual film festival, “We are One: A Global Film Festival” will start on their digital platform. It is in association with twenty partners such as Cannes, Sundance, and Tribeca. They will collectively arrange for a few independent producers to launch their movies virtually. Digital distribution seems to be the best way to reach out to viewers who are not being able to visit theatres for any new screenings during this pandemic scenario.

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