Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50 – Trey Kennedy Is Literally All of Us

Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50

Every digital content creator has been putting up relatable videos to suit the current global crisis, and we can’t help but admit some are really funny. Although the pandemic has been difficult for all of us, we need to look at things differently to deal with the scenario. Check out Trey Kennedy’s Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50, to see how much you can relate!

Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50 – How lives have changed

This COVID-19 pandemic has been hard because it has forced us to undergo a lot of lifestyle changes. Almost everyone is working from home as offices remain closed. People are taking shelter in their homes as public places remain closed. Restaurants are only running on limited home delivery options. We all have been in quarantine inside our homes. While this has accorded us more free time in life, it also has several disadvantages. It has completely changed our lifestyle and not always for the best. In this segment, we explore how things have changed in the quarantine as time elapsed. We also talk about the things we’ve had to sacrifice.

Family meetings

Earlier, we had a family gathering over the weekends at our homes. Sometimes there was a barbecue or a feast as well. All our relatives who lived close by used to show up and we all had a good time. Now, family meetings are held over video calls. While it is more convenient, meeting your family over zoom is just not the same. Even our grandparents are having trouble figuring out how to attend these meetings.

Initially, we were ecstatic about these group video calls. Now we just can’t bear them anymore. We use excuses like the Wi-Fi is not working or that we can’t hear them just to bail out. We’d rather lie in bed and contemplate our meaningless existence rather than join a group video call.

Wearing Masks

Earlier, wearing a mask was considered as being paranoid or foolish. We were all quoting reports on how people said they don’t work or how nurses needed them more. We even mocked people who bought too many masks. Now, it’s the complete opposite. Even the thought of taking off your mask or going anywhere without one seems preposterous. We wear masks diligently and encourage others to do so as well.

Going out

Okay, this is ironic. Earlier we used to try and bail out of social situations, social gatherings, or parties. We would rather just stay at home and relax. Initially, we were even happy that the quarantine was helping us avoid stupid parties. Now, all we want to do is go for those stupid parties. We are dying for those social gatherings and parties which we avoided earlier. When we had the option to go, we never wanted to go out. Now that we can’t go out, all we want to do is go out. We’re even ready to go to a baby shower or a dog’s birthday party. Anything, as long as we get to meet people.

No more Sports matches

The favorite pass time of people was watching sports. Watching an exciting match with people and a bowl of popcorn was the ideal definition of relaxation. Whether it was football, basketball, or cricket, supporting your team was fun. Cheering for it and watching it win was even more fun. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports matches are suspended. So, there is no match to watch on TV anymore. TV in itself seems boring now. In fact, we look outside at some animals frolicking around and imagine them having a match out there. That’s how much we miss sports and sports matches.


At the start of the quarantine, sanitizing was a huge priority. Everything that came from outside was sanitized. The parcel we ordered online was sprayed with disinfectant before even bringing it into the house. Some people even sprayed the vegetables with disinfectant before bring them into the house. Things have changed drastically now. The fear of Coronavirus that persisted earlier has been replaced by indifference. Now we just bring the parcels and the vegetables inside without bothering to sanitize them. After all, we will all die one day and we are all dying a little inside, this quarantine.


This has been one of the mass casualties of the quarantine. At the start of the quarantine, we had a workout regime ready. Some of us even installed home workout apps in order to help with this and stay committed. We thought that by the end of the quarantine, we will all be ripped and healthy. Well, that motivation lasted barely a week. All the workout equipment now just lies in a corner. Even looking at it is painful. The only exercise we get is from opening beer bottles and moving our hands to put food into our mouths.

Cleaning Up

At the start of the quarantine, we were all committed to using this extra time well. We wanted to clean up our homes and do the tasks that had been pending for months. We rearranged our closet, cleaned the pantry, and sorted out our kitchen drawers. Everything was being kept clean and tidy. Now, there is a ruckus in the house. The clean and ordered arrangement has been replaced by chaos. Dirty laundry is lying in one corner of the room. The pantry is all jumbled up. The closet looks like it was hit by a tornado. Washed laundry is not folded. We’ve basically undone all that we had achieved at the starting of the quarantine.

Weather Forecast

Earlier, we kept an eye on the weather forecast. If it predicted that it would rain, we would be happy because it would bring respite from the heat. Drinking a hot cup of coffee with the sound of the rain in the backdrop sounded surreal. After so many weeks of being inside, we have grown tired of these sedentary activities. Now if it rains, we wonder why the heavens are crying and when we will be let out of our homes. Reading the weather forecast is now just a means of staying in touch with the world. We are now indifferent to what happens with the weather.

Final Thoughts

These first few weeks of quarantine have been a roller-coaster. Our patience has run out and we’re now annoyed and irritable. We miss even the annoying part of our earlier lives and we strive to experience some level of normalcy. People around the world are frustrated but hang in there as it will all be over soon. We guess.

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