How to Find Ways to Be Thankful During Quarantine

Be Thankful During Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world with many people wondering when life will return to normal. The restrictions in the US have started to reduce in some states leading others to worry about the overall health of those in the country. There are some people that might not think that there are things to be thankful for at this time. Having your health and job should be enough during this time where people are fighting for their lives. The following are ways that you can find things to be grateful for during quarantine. 

Be Thankful For Your and Your Family’s Health

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The aspect that you need to be very cognizant of is the health of your family and yourself. The last thing that you want is someone in your family to be infected with the virus. You want to be able to spend the last moments by the side of someone you love instead of being separated from them. Not all people in the world are lucky enough to have this luxury due to the severity and contagious nature of COVID-19.

For those that cannot see their families, it is important to use technology to speak with them daily. You might not understand how the pandemic is impacting areas like New York City or the entire state of New Jersey. Being thankful for those people observing social distancing should also be a priority. The sacrifice that people are making daily is enormous especially for those in the medical community. Many medical professionals cannot even go home to their families due to working with those infected with the virus. You have your health and your family being healthy should be the most important thing to be grateful for in this time of peril. 

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The time that you have that would’ve been spent going out or commuting can be spent with family. You truly can get to know other members of your family in a deeper way. There are far too many distractions when quarantine hasn’t been enforced and it can be easy to go days or weeks without having a meaningful conversation. Make a point of spending more time together whether it is going for walks or simply cooking together. 

Extra Time Can Be Used to Pray and Meditate 

Sitting down to pray can improve your personal relationship with God. A prayer journal can be a great tool during this time in order to speak directly with God to ask for guidance or strength. Getting into a regular routine of praying or meditating can allow you to quell your anxiety during this trying time. Find a place where you feel like you connect with God to pray daily. You can pray while enjoying nature or any number of things. Write in your journal how you are feeling and what brought you peace through prayer. This will be a great tool later in your life if you go back to reflect during another difficult time. 

Embrace Nature in a Social Distancing Approved Way!

The time that you can spend in nature due to the lack of commute or requirement to spend all day in the office is alarming. Being able to work remotely gives plenty of people the ability to work from nearly anywhere. For those that have smartphones with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, you can work from anywhere that your device has a signal. Beaches have been closed in many areas but there are a plethora of other areas that you can visit. Taking a hike with your family is a great way to stay thankful for nature and you can avoid crowds unlike at other times during the year. 

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The quarantine can be the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with God, nature, and your family. Finding things to be thankful for can be easy as being healthy during this time is the ultimate blessing. List out what you are thankful for as you likely will have a far longer list than anticipated. 

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