Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) and Softbank and mobility venture advances five more automakers

MONET Technologies, a joint venture launched by Softbank and Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) to provide on-demand mobility services eventually with an autonomous module bus, has five new partners. Five Japanese automakers including Isuzu Motors, Suzuki Motor Corp., Subaru,  Daihatsu  and Mazda will each invest 2% in the venture. Softbank and Toyota each own 35% of the company. Honda and Toyota’s truck-making unit Hino each have 10% ownership. The venture launched in September aims to launch an on-demand mobility service with buses and cars in Japan next year. Toyota’s autonomous vehicles based on its e-palette vehicle that debuted at CES 2018 will eventually become a central piece of the service.

The stock Earnings per share (EPS) and the diluted EPS are the profitability measures used in the fundamental analysis of companies. The figure of EPS only takes into account a Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) common shares, whereas the very important diluted EPS take into account all the convertible securities such as convertible bonds/convertible preferred stock, which are changed into equity or common stock. Dilutive effects occur when the number of shares increases, for example, through a new issue. If a company issues more shares to shareholders and other investors, this increases the number of shares outstanding and decreases the company’s earnings per share. Ultimately, this can decrease the stock price.Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) Diluted EPS is 11.95, whereas the EPS Estimate for next year is 11.65. The Annual EPS Growth of past 5 years is 2.30% and Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) yearly performance is -2.45% and net profit margin is 6.20%. 

Key Performance indicators for Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM), in last 4 months the performance of TM was 5.06% while its price to sale ratio is 0.72 and price to book ratio is 0.98. Company gross margin stands at 18.00% whereas its return on investment (ROI) is 4.60%. 

On 28 June 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM), a Consumer Goods sector firm, traded 83489 shares in last trading session and stock moved up 0.26% with closing price of $123.99 per share. with Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) traded 83489 shares. The TM distance from 20 day simple moving average is 0.66% and distance from 50-Day simple moving average is 1.65%.The relative strength index for stock is 54.04 and Average true range of TM is 1.10. 

Analyst’s mean target price for TM is $145.03 while analysts mean recommendation is 1.00. The Stock value has moved between $110.71 – 136.25 in last one year. TM market capitalization is 202071.46 with beta of 0.70. Company has 8.50% insider ownership. 

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) is under coverage by number of analysts. Stock has got OUTPERFORM rating from 0 of Thomson Reuters analysts, 0 given HOLD rating to the stock and 0 given UNDERPERFORM rating. Buy rating has been given by 2 analysts to the company stock. 

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