Tips to Balance Study, Work, and Everyday Life as an International Student

Tips to Balance Study Work

Are you a working student? Most international students in Australia opt for part-time work to suffice the additional expenses of studying abroad. It can be challenging to work as a student. Once your visa approval and criminal background check reports are complete, it is time to plan financially. Let’s see some tips to balance study and work, and everyday life as an international student.

As you wish to strike a balance between study, work, and your everyday life, you require pulling off positive habits. Moreover, time-management is crucial. As you work and attend university as an international student, being busy is often an understatement. However, with effective time management and self-care, you can perform your best. 

How can you take online classes while being committed to work? You need to be extremely organized. You should also communicate your specific needs effectively. You also need to pay attention to your overall health to allow it to handle the pressure. 

Here are some ways in which you can achieve the perfect balance between studies, work, and everyday life:

#Invest in a Dedicated Planner

You can either opt for the traditional pen & paper planner or a modern-day innovative planning app for your time management. It is important to come across potential schedule management conflicts that you face on a daily basis. Therefore, you can begin early to make the necessary arrangements. You would not like your leader to assign you some important project right before your exam day.

As you schedule classes, work, and schoolwork into proper time slots, it allows your brain to recharge itself. Moreover, learning to prioritize your schedule is a vital skill that you need to keep up with throughout your career.

#Talk Out to the Employer

You should discuss your schedule requirements with your employer. For the best outcomes, you can arrange one-on-one with your team leader. Begin by checking in with the respective expectations. Ask yourself, “What works for my approach?” Then, you can plan out important dates for which you need cover. You can work together with your employer to come across the solution that meets your needs. 

#Prepare for a Healthy Meal

Most foods that are available commercially lack vital nutrients because of processing. Without essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs, you can start feeling sick easily. Moreover, it is more common for international students to find it difficult to adjust to food at a new place. As you are sick, your mood drops down and you find it challenging to focus properly. This is not acceptable when you have to balance work and study.

Rather, you should learn to cook for yourself some healthy meals that allow you to be fit throughout the session. You can learn to prepare whole-food freezer meals to ensure grab & go nutrition all the time. if you are fond of snacking while studying, you can consider skipping pretzels and chips to give way to phytonutrient-packed foods and magnesium-rich nuts to boost your concentration.

 #Ensure Movements Everyday

As per a health study report, you require around 150 to 300 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous activity every week. This translates to around 30 to 60 minutes of some movement or exercise daily. However, it does not imply enrolling yourself up in a gym session.

Rather than this, you can opt for a cumulative effect with the help of mini workouts. If you are driving to class, opt for walking to the campus. If the distance is too far, then you can park your vehicle somewhere far in the parking lot. Then, you can walk up to the main building. Make it a point to walk and run at any time you get free. The internet is filled with easy-to-do exercises and fitness videos. 

You can engage in anything from a Zumba session to a yoga routine for your overall well-being. You can also come across a myriad of workout-centric apps that customize your workout plan.

#Join Some Social Club

As an international student, you should not overextend yourself. You already have to deal with challenges like visa approval, criminal background check reports, and much more. Therefore, it is imperative to de-stress yourself as much as possible. 

You can consider joining some social club at your university or locality to keep yourself engaged. You can opt for a book group if you are an ardent book-lover. As you join a dedicated club, you get to learn several essential skills. At the same time, you also get an opportunity to socialize and engage with others.


It is great when you work as you study as an international student in Australia. You can effectively manage time and plan out your schedule for achieving the perfect balance. All the best!


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