Sleeping without pillow: Benefits, and more

sleeping without pillow

A group of researchers in New York, USA believe that there are many benefits of sleeping without a pillow. In this article, I am going to exploit some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy sleeping without pillow comfort.

Sleeping without pillow protects you from back pain

When you sleep on a pillow, you tend to interfere with the normal bend of your spine. The issue gets more serious when you add more pillows. This is because they will bend your spine even more. Sleeping without pillow comfort is the best option. This is because you will get sleep in a natural position and not injure your spine.

Sleeping without pillow comfort enables you to handle neck pain

We can avoid these pains by sleeping without pillow

Pillows usually interfere with the natural position of your neck when you sleep. This results in the straining of neck muscles. Painful neck muscles will result in you feeling pain in your neck. Soft pillows do not make things better. This is because they tend to disrupt the blood flow to your neck. Straining your neck muscles will make you to feel a lot of pain. Now, you can avoid this neck pain by deciding to sleep in a natural position. Avoid distending your neck or bending it while sleeping. This will save you from the unnecessary neck pains.

Deals with headaches

For many people who sleep on pillows, waking up in the morning with a headache is a common phenomenon. Soft pillows usually disrupt the normal flow of blood to the head. This in turn, limits the amount of oxygen going to your head. This results to the painful headaches that you always experience when you wake up in the morning. To avoid this, you need to practice sleeping without pillow comfort. Sleeping normally promotes the normal flow of blood to your head. You will get to avoid these unnecessary headaches.

Relieves stress

A peaceful night is what our bodies need so as to scale down the stress we usually experience. When you sleep on a pillow, you end up not having a comfortable sleep. This will result in you tossing and turning throughout the night.

This will increase the stress that your body experiences at night. You will end up waking up feeling stressed and very tired. This type of stress will end up affecting your physical and mental health.

You need to avoid this stress by sleeping comfortably on your bed. Avoid pillows which will make you feel uncomfortable. When you have a peaceful sleep, you will wake up with renewed energy in the morning. The stress levels of your body will have also reduced.

Sleeping without pillow prevents facial acne

Sleeping without pillow comfort will enable you to avoid developing facial acne. It usually comes about when our face rubs with the bacteria that lives on the pillow covers.

It is usually not possible to wash your pillow covers every day. Now, pillows tend to gather sweat, dust, and saliva with time. All this make the pillow a breeding ground for bacteria. We place our face on the pillow for most hours of the night. This results in our faces picking up a lot of oil, dust and bacteria which end up blocking the pores on our skin. The end result is having pustules on the face.

We can avoid all these by choosing to sleep without pillows. This will drastically reduce the period of contact of our faces with bacteria. We will then end up having little or no acne on our faces.

A number of scientists have come up with the idea that certain sleeping postures are usually good for our health when we do not use pillows. Interestingly, a sleeping position can be used to decide whether or not you need a pillow, and if you do, the type that you need to have.

Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is believed to be the most healthiest sleeping posture. If you want to use a pillow in this posture, then you need some sort of support. Side sleepers need a pillow solely for maintaining the position of their spine. Since none is available at the moment, all side sleepers are advised to avoid sleeping on pillows.

Back Sleepers

Sleeping postures tell whether you need to sleep with or sleeping without pillow

Those who sleep on their back need to ensure that their spine is at the same level with their necks. Now, this will only be possible when they use a thin contouring pillow. They can also use pillows that are solely made for supporting the neck.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping with your stomach is believed to be most unhealthy posture to sleep. This is because you will end up twisting your head and neck to one side. This may interfere with the normal position of your spine. It is therefore advisable that stomach sleepers avoid using a pillow whenever possible. One may only use a thin pillow when you feel uncomfortable.

Tips for starting to sleep without a pillow

For those who have gotten used to sleeping with a pillow, it may take sometime before you can embrace pillowless sleeping. Listed below are tips that one can apply to get used to sleeping without pillow comfort.

  • You need to get rid of the support of your head on the pillow. You are advised not to do it immediately. Do so gradually instead. Replace your pillow with with something something thinner then continue replacing until you are comfortable sleeping without a pillow.
  • You need to support the rest of your body with pillows. When stomach sleeping, ensure that place a pillow under your stomach and lower abdomen to maintain the natural position of your spine. You will need to place the pillow under your knees when you sleep on your back and in between your knees when you sleep on your side to achieve the same result.
  • Choose a comfortable mattress. You need to ensure you sleep on a cozy mattress. Take note to avoid mattresses that are extremely soft. This is because they will interfere with normal blood floor causing neck pains.

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