MacKenzie Scott Net Worth: What All You Need to Know

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

MacKenzie Scott is not an unheard name, especially after her ugly and high-profile divorce with none other than Jeff Bezos, the millionaire who owns Amazon. It’s not that she was unpopular or unknown before the divorce rumors hit the media, but the news made her a person of interest for many around the globe.

However, it’s not fair to restrict her identity to her spouse as she has earned her own accolades in life. MacKenzie Scott is a well-known American novelist, philanthropist, and activist. This soon-to-be fifty-two-year-old celebrity is a perfect example of an individual who can create and maintain their identity and achievements even while being associated with someone who is extremely rich and powerful.

Once people got to know about the divorce of Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott, they started seeing her as more than just the wife of Amazon’s founder. They started searching for more information related to personal and professional life.

‘MacKenzie Scott Net Worth’, ‘MacKenzie Foundation’, ‘MacKenzie Donations’ – These are all proof of this fact. As divorces usually lead to the distribution of wealth unless a prenup has been signed between husband and wife before the marriage, the net worth of MacKenzie Scott has become a topic of wide interest. In this blog post, we have covered some information related to it. We have tried to ensure that the information is as factual as possible by referring to the latest and most reliable sources.

Mackenzie Scott: Personal Life and Philanthropy

The original name of MacKenzie Scott is ‘MacKenzie Scott Tuttle’, but after getting married to Jeff Bezos in the year 1993, she became more popular by the name of ‘MacKenzie Bezos’. After getting divorced in the year 2019, she dropped the surname ‘Bezos’ and changed her name to ‘MacKenzie Scott’. As you can guess, ‘Scott’ was her middle name before the marriage.

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Along with ‘MacKenzie Scott Net Worth’, ‘MacKenzie Second Husband’ is also a topic of discussion around the coffee table. She married Dan Jewett, who is a science teacher at Lakeside School, the same co-ed high school in which her children are currently studying. The world came to know about her second marriage through the Giving Pledge letter posted by Dan Jewett on 06th March 2021. Scott signed the pledge in the year 2019.

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth - MacKenzie With Her Husband
Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

The Giving Pledge is a campaign that motivates wealthy people to give away at least half of their wealth for philanthropic purposes. MacKenzie Scott has shown an intention to contribute most of her net worth for charitable uses during her lifetime or in her will. She has indeed contributed many times during the years 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Mackenzie Scott: Education and Career

Before knowing about MacKenzie Scott Net Worth, you should know about the education, career, and other aspects of Scott’s life so that you don’t start feeling that she has been unduly benefited from the divorce. In the year 1992, i.e., in her twenties, MacKenzie Scott completed her bachelor’s degree at Princeton University. She studied English as she was always interested in writing.

In fact, she has studied under Toni Morrison, the American novelist and the Nobel Laureate in Literature, who is well-known for her work ‘Song of Solomon’. Scott had also worked as a research assistant for Toni Morrison when the latter was writing the historical novel ‘Jazz’.

The very first novel of MacKenzie Scott proved her talent as a novelist. Written in the year 2005, ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’, the first novel of Scott, made her the winner of an American Book Award in the subsequent year (i.e., in the year 2006). She published her second novel ‘Traps’ in the year 2013. You can read these novels offline or online.

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Mackenzie Scott Net Worth - Novels Written by MacKenzie
Image Credit: GeekWire

So, you can say that MacKenzie Scott Net Worth must be comprising wealth from not only her share in Amazon but also her earnings from her books. Along with focusing on her literary career, Scott also played a significant role in the establishment and growth of Amazon. She put in a lot of hard work while carrying out different types of activities related to Amazon.

The responsibilities of MacKenzie Scott were not limited to Amazon and writing. She even took care of her four children, one of which is an adopted daughter. According to Scott, her first book, unofficially, was ‘The Book Worm’ that she wrote at the age of six. Unfortunately, it got destroyed in the flood.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth: Assets and Wealth

After her divorce from Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott became entitled to a stake of 4 percent in the giant e-commerce company Amazon. As of February 2022, Scott has a net worth of around $41 Billion (US Dollars). She has donated huge sums of money to different charities. As she keeps donating frequently, this figure keeps fluctuating.

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth
Image Credit: Forbes

Scott was named as one of ‘Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020’. In the year 2021, Forbes declared MacKenzie Scott as the ‘World’s Most Powerful Women’. Currently, she lives in Seattle with her husband Dan Jewett and four children.

Wrapping Up

Along with trying to know about MacKenzie Scott Net Worth, you should also know about her as a person. Her philanthropic activities and simple lifestyle teach others valuable life lessons.

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