“Keto Diet” Eating Lots of Fat and no Carbs “it’s a bad idea”!!! Dr Kim Williams


The cardiologist Dr. Kim Williams says that “Most of the acquired disease, heart failure, heart attack these are things we can prevent by changing our nutrition,”

In recent times Keto diet gets a lot of attention, by eating lots of fat and eliminating the carbs to lose weight, but according to cardiologist Kim Williams “it’s a bad idea”.

Alex Morgan, who is U.S. women’s soccer star, she is many things besides a tremendous athlete and also passionate about the animals and because of that thing she is a vegan, that means she don’t eats any meat or dairy. And obviously she’s got plenty of the company among the elite athletes. 

Novak Djokovic, is the guy who just won Wimbledon, he doesn’t like vegan label, but he praises his plant-based diet, according to him, it’s good for helping him work his way, to reach very top in tennis world.

Dr. Kim Williams says there’s no big secret for health, but the answer is plants.

He also helped to co-author “The Nutrition Guidelines” for American College of the Cardiology: you need to cut way back on the foods high in saturated fat, sugar and sodium while eating healthy way more vegetables and fruits.

The Doctor Williams got a lot of attention recently, by his proclaiming that no one should be doing keto diet, which is a diet that mostly involves a lot of fat, the meat and cheese, while wiping out the carbs. According to him there are some benefits of it but they’re not worth the risk.

“You’ll find people who lose weight, diabetes is better – but the cholesterol has tripled. And then they’ll need our services – heart attacks and cardiac events – it’s well versed in the literature.”

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“Part of it is what I call a substitional benefit. You’re taking away something terrible that plugs arteries, promotes plaque and you replace it with something that’s healthy for you.”

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