How to Transform your Old, Tired, Cracked and Concrete Patio?

Cracked and Concrete Patio

We all love our house but hate the backyard concrete area. What an eyesore, right? But, it is the best space for the kids to play and ride a bicycle around it. So the concrete stayed, but it looks so ugly. Having a delightful interior ambience, and eyesore outside space ruin the overall beauty of the house. If you really want to transform the look of the Cracked and Concrete Patio, then your search ends here. In this blog, we will tell you how to do it with patio paint. 

Power Washing 

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Start the transformation of the Cracked and Concrete Patio with a power washing. Use a water pipe and wash the space effectively. Make sure there will be no dust and dirt remaining on the floor. However, this step is a little bit boring, but it is crucial to clean the surface before applying paint. We advise you to buy a power washer that will clean the space with minimal human efforts. 

Fill the cracked 

Once you are done with the power washing, now it’s time to fill the cracks. For that, all you need is to purchase a concrete crack filler and apply it on the floor with a caulk gun. Once you apply it, spread the paste with a tablespoon’s help and leave it for a day. Time will tell whether the fixture is permanently fixed on the floor or not. If it becomes solid, then you can move to the painting process

The Primer 

Before painting, apply the primer on the Cracked and Concrete Patio. It will enhance the durability of the paint and give a good finish to the surface. The priming step is very important, and it needs to be correctly done. Don’t confuse between primer and patio paint, they both are different things. It’s not just like regular paint. It is more thick and stickier, just like glue. If you do priming properly, you will see a huge difference on the floor. Take a roller or a brush, dip into the primer and do systematically, and leave it for at least 24 hours. 

 The stone coating 

Once you are done with the priming and now switch to the stone coating. We advise you to opt for the metal grout/ tile, mix it with them together and make a consistent paste. If you hire someone for that, he will make this task easier for you. Once you make the mixture, take a brush and apply on the floor symmetrically. Start with applying on the edges and then come to the middle area, and so on. Smooth the stone mixture with the putty knife. To get the extra finish, we advise you to do two coats of the stone mixture. 

The patio paint / Top coat 

The patio paint is very soft and coats the surface very easily then the primer did. It enhances the beauty of the floor and makes it walkable and alluring. Use a brush, dip in the sealer and apply on the floor. We advise you to use a hand roller; it will make your job easier and faster—such an awesome transformation. 

Honestly, with just a little money, you can change the look of the patio. After a transformation, you can hang the day bed, place a small dining table, or sofa, to make this space more functional and usable. 

Now that you understand how to transform the look of the Cracked and Concrete Patio with the patio paint. To help you in this more, we will tell you the things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the paint for the concrete patio. 

Your patio paint color must be cohesive and match to the exterior theme of the house. If you have a light color on the exterior side of the home, we advise you to choose the dark color because dark complements the light of exposure to sunlight. 

You can also choose the color that compliments the surrounding landmarks. Many homeowners choose the patio paints that go with their patio furniture.

Before you choose the paint, we advise you to test the color. Just put a color in a small area, and evaluate whether it is complementing your space or not. 

Final Say:

Transforming a home space is a time consuming but interesting process. As a homeowner, you always think to change the feel of the space. Right from the kitchen to the patio, we just want everything perfect and eye-appealing. We hope this comprehensive guide on how to change the concrete patio look helps you a lot. We assure you that by keeping the above-mentioned in mind, you can transform the patio’s look effortlessly. 

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