Do You Remember All 14 Booby Traps From Home Alone?

booby traps from home

One of the biggest things people love about the classic movie Home Alone is the booby traps from home that Kevin sets up. It’s one of the reasons that Home Alone has become such a classic. Do you remember all the booby traps from the iconic McCallister household?

1. BB Gun

The movie kicks off with Kevin using his BB gun to shoot the burglars, Harry and Marv, through the dog door.

2. Icy Front Steps

Kevin pours water all over the front steps of the house. The cold Chicago winter causes it to freeze, leading to Harry tripping and falling as he tries to get to the front door.

3. Icy Basement Steps

This cold water also extends to the basement steps; as Marv tries to walk down these steps, he trips on the first one and falls all the way down.

4. Fake Lightbulb

Marv finally makes his way into the basement and tugs at the overhead string, expecting that it’ll turn on the light. However, it doesn’t; Kevin has attached the string to a hot iron, which falls onto Marv’s face.

5. Red-Hot Doorknob

Harry attempts to take the much more straightforward approach, walking up to the front door and trying to open it. Kevin, however, has heated the doorknob from the inside, causing the outside doorknob to become red hot and burn Harry’s hand.

6. Basement Stairs Covered in Tar

Marv is trying to struggle his way out of the basement; in doing so, he walks up the basement stairs, which Kevin has covered in tar. This causes Marv to lose his shoes and socks, then step on a nail barefoot.

7. Back Door Blowtorch

Harry makes his way around the back, where he enters through the back door. This triggers another trap; a blowtorch lights Harry’s head on fire.

8. Tarred and Feathered

After recovering from the blowtorch, Harry wanders into plastic wrap, which Kevin has covered in caulking glue. Then he sets off a fan, which covers him in feathers.

9. Glass Christmas Ornaments

Once Marv has made his way out of the basement, he tries to climb through one of the windows. Kevin has anticipated this and placed glass Christmas ornaments under the window, which Marv steps on barefoot.

10. Toy Cars at the Steps

Marv and Harry are now reunited. They attempt to walk up the steps of the house, but Kevin has placed toy cars down at the bottom of the stairs, causing them to trip and fall.

11. Paint Cans on the Railing

As the burglars continue their way up the steps, Kevin releases paint cans he’s placed on the railing of the stairs. They swing down and hit the burglars in the face.

12. Tripwire

Harry sees Kevin and attempts to catch him, becoming enraged at all the booby traps from home he’s triggered. However, he doesn’t see a tripwire that Kevin has strung.

13. Pet Tarantula

Marv thinks that he’s finally cornered Kevin, but he doesn’t think that Kevin has anything left over. Kevin releases his brother’s pet tarantula, causing him to freak out.

14. Treehouse Rope

As a last attempt to get away, Kevin climbs over to a treehouse that’s attached to the home by a rope. The burglars attempt to follow him, but Kevin snips the rope with pruning shears. This causes the burglars to fall and hit themselves on the brick wall.


These booby traps from home are all incredibly classic. It’s interesting to take a look at them, especially if you’ve been watching Home Alone recently. If you’re thinking about ways that you can celebrate the Christmas spirit this year, consider watching the classic Home Alone movies with your family and taking another look at these interesting booby traps.

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