Benefits of Almonds – Why You Should Have Them Every Day?

benefits of almonds

Among all the other nuts, almond comes with full of benefits. Almond is mostly used in food products or someone can also eat them raw. Almond is a pack full of useful things such as mineral, protein, fiber, vitamins and many more. Almonds are called nuts, but in reality, they are seeds. Almonds are one of the eldest trees, dated 5,000 years back. Archaeologist claims that maybe people cultivated this tree at the early times. Almond is a necessary ingredient in the diet chart, most of the people use them for different types of diets. Apart from the benefits of almonds, it tastes very good and it can change the taste of many foods. You can try roasted, sliced, raw, flaked and many more other ways to get the best taste of almonds.

Health Properties of Almonds

Almonds come with many health properties to help giving benefits. Almonds are rich in fatty acids, protein, and carbs. Along with these, the health properties that almonds offer are Protein 6g, net carbs – 3 g, fat- 14g, Calories 164, fiber 3.5g, saturated fat- 1g, polyunsaturated 3.5g, monounsaturated 9g.

Almonds are known to deliver a triple amount of protein level compared to other nuts such as walnuts, pecans, macadamias. Apart from these, you can also find the micronutrients in the almond that helps in the diet. Other minerals, vitamins, antioxidants include magnesium (19% of your RDI), phosphorus (14% of your RDI), vitamin B2 (17% of RDI), vitamin E (37% of RDI), calcium (7% of your RDI), manganese (32% of your RDI) and copper (14% of your RDI). RDI stands for “recommended daily intake”.

Benefits of almonds

Almonds are known for their useful health properties and mostly used to get a whole different types of benefits. Some of the common benefits of almonds are:

Decrease the risk of cancer

One of the most deadly diseases is cancer. There is no cure to get rid of this condition until now. Hundreds and thousands of people are dying every day due to many types of cancer. Though it is not curable you can reduce the risk of developing it and get rid of this harmful disease. It helps to reduce breast cancer very highly compared to other normal people.

Prostate cancer rates are greatly reduced with the use of vitamin E. Along with this oxidative stress is also reduced. People under 65 have increased chances of colon cancer, but vitamin E  also helps to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.

While the full almond is packed health benefits, these antioxidants are mostly found in the outer brown layer of the almond. Eating raw almonds can help you get these antioxidants, but most of the dishes don’t include the brown part so eating them won’t benefit you that much.

Prevent different types of heart disease

Heart diseases are very common among people of any age and any gender. The chances of heart attack and diseases increase with age, and it can be very life-threatening. Heart diseases decrease dramatically with consuming vitamin E, it decreases 35-45% chances of developing heart diseases compared to normal people. This is one of the very useful benefits of almonds.

Oxidative protein damage can cause many types of heart diseases. Eating dishes containing almonds can reduce the damage, therefore, reduce heart disease chances. Almond is the most favorite choice of consuming vitamin E, having an almond every day can keep the heart-healthy.

You can change your low carb snacks with snacks made with almonds. You can get many benefits such as keeping your LDL cholesterol balanced and reducing visceral fat around tummies. Reducing this fat is very important as increased fat can cause a heart attack or many harmful heart diseases along with chances of developing type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, etc.

Type 2 diabetes

Low blood sugar is a common disease, people of any age can be affected by this. If you are having spikes in blood level, you can eat almonds to lower the spike. You can lower the blood sugar level better with almonds than many more diet formulas. Many people use different complicated and complex methods to balance the blood sugar level. But just adding almonds to your meal can maintain blood sugar levels better than any other method. This comes in the top important benefits of almonds.

Helps in weight loss

Getting overweight is the most common concern and the problem of many people. Most the people around the world want to lose their weight. While some people may want to lose weight just to look attractive, others might suffer from many diseases from it. Being overweight is very bad for women for issues with pregnancy.

One of the most used benefits of almonds is to help reduce the weight greatly with the health beneficial properties. Eating raw almonds every day is very useful for keeping a healthy weight. It helps to burn the calories by boosting metabolism. Almonds help to reduce BMI, waist circumference, waist to hip circumference ratio along with weight.

A research of 65 overweight people starts with having a low-calorie diet with almonds. After a period all of them had many changes from the normal diet such as it helped to lower systolic blood pressure, fat reduction 56% higher, BMI reduction of 62% higher, increase ketone levels and increase waist circumference reduction by 50%.

One of the very useful benefits of almond is losing weight, among all the other almond benefits for men and women.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is very common in the human body. Inflammation can be mild to severe and it is a common symptom of many diseases. Repeated attacks on the body can cause chronic inflammation, poor diet is the most common reason to develop inflammation among all the other diseases. Many other diseases that can develop inflammation is arthritis, mental illness, obesity, high blood pressure, leaky gut syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and many more diseases or illness.

You can find the main ingredient used in olive oil, to reduce the inflammation is called oleic acid. But do you know where it comes from? It comes from almond, and that is the reason why almond is the most preferred choice to reduce mil to severe inflammation. Reducing inflammation is one of the most important benefits of almonds.

Boost the immunity power

You might not know that a human gut holds 70% of the body’s immune system. Eating bad food can create unhealthy bacteria or imbalance causing you to catch a cold, fever and other diseases faster. This happens when the immunity of your body gets lower and bacteria or viruses break the protected shield or wall easily.

The good thing is one of the benefits of almonds contains “immunity-boosting“. Almonds help to boost the immune system to protect the human body from viruses and bacteria. The skin of almonds works as a defense barrier against viruses and bacteria, it also, prevent the virus from multiplying and spreading the disease.

Balance the electrolyte

Like all the components and properties in our body, the electrolyte has its role in keeping us safe. If the electrolyte level is imbalanced, many things can happen to you including extreme sluggishness, changes in heartbeat, keto flu, muscle spasms. Mostly if you are doing keto diet you should always monitor sodium, magnesium, potassium.

Since the body needs an active source to keep the electrolyte levels balanced. Almond contains rich amounts of potassium and magnesium, you can just eat almonds to meet the total required quantity of these electrolytes. Also, you can eat the roasted almond to get sodium alongside all the other electrolytes.

Improvement in skin, nails, and hair

As almonds contain vitamin E antioxidants, you can get many different types of almond benefits for the skin. You can get increased protection from UV rays because of the vitamin E in almonds. The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause many skin problems and even skin cancer. Vitamin E along with vitamin C is used in many skin products for many years. Eating raw almonds are the best way to get sufficient vitamin E. Apart from eating, almond oil can protect the skin and washing your hands with it can fight against eczema.

Almond also used in many hair products for having biotin in it. Apart from biotin almond benefits for hair is endless. It helps hair to grow faster, stronger and longer. Biotin in almond contains almost 50% biotin of daily hair dose. Tho scientists do not find any logical explanation for biotin to work well on hair also they didn’t approve. It is claimed to be the increasing the nail also with hair. Eating raw almonds every day can help get you both fast-growing nails and hair.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Due to hormonal changes erectile dysfunction is very common in men. Many other things can cause erectile dysfunction including stress, change in blood pressure or cholesterol, medication side effects, etc. The blood vessels in the penis can get stuck because of high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

If you have ED, solving these issues is the priority. Eating almonds can help very much with that because it contains amino acid (arginine). It helps the blood to circulate through the narrow vessels. Apart from this, almonds also help to maintain a healthy reproductive system. The monounsaturated fat helps to keep the balance. One of the most important benefits of almonds.

Brain fog

Keto diet is very well known for many reasons and one of them is offering energy throughout the day. If you want to have enough energy to do your works perfectly, you can try this diet. The body produces energy by metabolizing the fat. Almonds are known to have more fat compared to protein and carbs. Almonds can help you to boost energy quicking.

The most common time throughout the day when we lose the energy to work is afternoon or having a lunch meal.  Additionally, eating almonds can also help you to get better awareness, better memory, better physical capability.  This is one of the most important benefits, among the other benefits of almonds.

Blood pressure

High and low blood pressure can cause many diseases along with chances of having strokes and heart attacks. Almond contains some valuable properties to help with blood flow. The blood pressure problem is very common and it can happen to any age of people starting from 20 to 70. Almonds can save many lives by simply eating a little number of almonds every day can help you avoid or decrease the chances of developing blood pressure.

Almonds contain magnesium with all the other ingredients and it helps to add magnesium to the human body in case of magnesium deficiency.

Insulin sensitivity

The benefits of almonds also include the solution for blood sugar. Just like blood pressure, blood sugar is also a very harmful and life-threatening problem that is very common and increasing rapidly. You can use almonds to play a crucial role in blood sugar control. Magnesium in the almond also helps to fill the gap of magnesium deficiency. With increasing consumption of magnesium, the blood sugar level starts to fall.

If you are trying to increase your insulin sensitivity, and trying to reduce the blood sugar level. Take a little amount of almond daily to keep your blood sugar level balanced.

Increase the strength of teeth and bones

The bones and teeth both need calcium to get strong. If the body doesn’t get enough calcium, both the teeth and bones will become weak and start to break eventually. But eating almonds every day can make the bones and teeth strong as it contains calcium and phosphorus. Not only it helps to build strong teeth and bone, but also it helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Eating a minimum amount of almonds per day can keep you safe from tooth cavities or bone fractures. For women, they need extra calcium and pairing the almond with cheese can double the calcium intake.


Almonds are always used in dishes to increase the taste of it. But if you want to get all these benefits of almonds, you need to make a habit of eating raw almonds every day.

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