A Review of AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil

of AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil

The popularity of synthetic motor oils is increasing each day. Most people today realize that conventional oil is easily outshined by synthetic oil in terms of performance and reliability. Not too long ago, vehicle owners only had a few synthetic engine oil options. This has changed dramatically over the last decade or so, and now the DIY mechanics out there can choose from several different synthetic motor oil brands. With the superiority of synthetic engine oil over conventional motor oil well and truly established, the only thing left for you to do is choose the most appropriate or the best synthetic engine oil for your car. A brand that is recommended for most vehicles today is the AMSOIL synthetic engine oil. I review this motor oil brand to understand the reasons behind it.

The Humble Beginnings of the AMSOIL Motor Oil Brand

Initially, synthetic oils were produced for the engines of the aircraft that were used during the Second World War. These modern lubricants could withstand extreme flight conditions while preventing oil coolers from burning. These superior attributes of synthetic oils compared to conventional oil is what led Albert J. Amatuzio, a former fighter pilot of the U.S air force, to start manufacturing synthetic lubricants for use in vehicles.

A full synthetic oil of the 10w40 grade, the manufacturer’s first offering, was the first engine oil ever to satisfy the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API). AMSOIL is also credited for being the first motor oil manufacturer to sell synthetic automotive transmission oil, synthetic marine engine oil, and synthetic diesel engine oil.  Today, the company offers owners of heavy-duty and passenger vehicles a variety of lubricants along with fuel additives, antifreeze, and oil filters.

Product Review

AMSOIL is one motor oil brand that you can trust to come up with the best synthetic engine oil for your car. The main reason for this is that the company has been performing research and development in the field of synthetic oils for over five decades. No other motor oil manufacturer can claim that.

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In order to make them affordable and easily available to all, AMSOIL motor oils are exclusively distributed by authorized independent dealers. Despite being more expensive than other synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL motor oil is recommended to vehicle owners because it improves engine performance by twice as much as other engine oils.

Some of the main features of the AMSOIL motor oil include its: ability to withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures, resistance to rust, higher viscosities than other motor oils, and ability to boost clutch performance efficiency.

Even in rugged road conditions, AMSOIL oil helps to minimize fuel usage. Over time, a vehicle forms a crusted coating on various sections, and this can ultimately lead to failure in the roller, compression pressure loss, and other parts.

By avoiding rust, AMSOIL motor oil solves this issue and boosts the engine’s efficiency to give you a comfortable ride throughout the year. It also ensures flexibility in different mechanisms.  Additionally, under prolonged drain stages, this oil stands up very well and can withstand high temperatures.

When you’re driving aggressively, problems can sometimes occur. For instance, the clutch output may decrease due to friction between the plates and discs of the clutch.  By minimizing the friction between the plates and the disc, AMSOIL oil solves this issue and as a result, longer life of the clutch is ensured.

For all these reasons and more, AMSOIL is the preferred motor oil brand for many vehicle owners who are looking for synthetic engine oil for their automobile.

The Main Reasons to Choose AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil

If you’re still on the fence about using AMSOIL synthetic engine oil in your vehicle, then the following features of the AMSOIL motor oil may help to make the decision easier for you.

1.     Less Volatility

Oil burns in your vehicle’s engine are minimized by AMSOIL synthetic oil and it produces low amounts of coal dust to maintain the hygiene of the engine, enabling it to run longer.

2.     High-Additive Content

AMSOIL synthetic oil allows your vehicle’s engine to resist pollutant infiltration, retain hydraulic pressure, and avoid corrosion by equipping it with seal preserving, anti-foaming, and anti-oxidation agents.

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3.     Low Total Base Number

Another key feature of the AMSOIL synthetic oil that sets it apart from other synthetic engine oils available today is its low total base number. This number indicates the level of resistance of the motor oil to combustion-generated acidic conditions.

4.     Lower Cloud Point

Even in extremely low temperatures, the AMSOIL synthetic oil manages to maintain its liquid form. This means that the oil will continue to support your vehicle’s engine in—for the lack of a better word—the chilliest of conditions.

5.     Lower Friction

The AMSOIL synthetic oil ensures lower friction in your vehicle’s engine, which helps to improve fuel efficiency and minimize engine wear.

While this list is not exhaustive and there are other benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oil, the reasons for using the synthetic oil from AMSOIL detailed above are what give this motor oil brand the edge over synthetic motor oils on the market today.

The Pros and Cons of the AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

The following is a bulleted list of the main benefits and disadvantages of buying AMSOIL synthetic oil for your car.

  • Boost the performance and efficiency of the clutch to ensure its longevity
  • Ensures a secured transmission
  • Prolongs engine life and the life of its components
  • Safeguards the chain cases
  • Allows the engine to run smoothly
  • Ensure engine resistance against corrosion and pollutant infiltration
  • Modified/altered engines cannot benefit from the drain interval of the AMSOIL motor oil
  • Not very compatible with other oils
The AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Options

If you have decided to go with the AMSOIL motor oil brand, then the following are the synthetic oil products you can choose from.

1.     AMSOIL 0W-30 Motor Oil

This product is formulated using powerful additives and the best synthetic base oils in the world. This combination provides engines with superior protection and optimum fuel efficiency.

2.     AMSOIL SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

For both imported and domestic passenger vehicle engines, which include both non-turbocharged and turbo-charged engines, this product achieves the most stringent global performance specifications while satisfying warranty conditions.

3.     AMSOIL SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil

This synthetic engine oil from AMSOIL has been specifically formulated to ensure maximum benefits for gasoline-powered engines.

4.     AMSOIL SAE 0W-40 Motor Oil

By integrating the leading industry synthetic technology with AMSOIL’s powerful additives, this product offers exceptional lubrication for engines.

5.     AMSOIL SAE 5W-50 Motor Oil

In all types of gasoline-powered automotive engines, this product offers exceptional lubrication.

Final Word

A product of one of America’s oldest manufacturer of synthetic engine oils, the AMSOIL synthetic engine oil is considered by many industry experts as the best synthetic engine oil available today. When you consider all the features and benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oil, it is easy to see why.

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