PC Games of the Century – All-Time Classics in the Gaming Community

PC Games of the Century

Smartphones have definitely replaced PCs as the daily gaming devices. However, PCs are still a popular choice in the gaming community, thanks to the numerous gaming possibilities it offers to gamers. The PC games of the century can’t be replaced simply by gaming on smartphones or other less-powerful devices that can’t capture the whole gaming experience like gaming on a PC. Today, the market is full of gaming equipment like gaming headphones, VR headsets, and other extra gaming gadgets that make your gaming experience complete.
Online Games vs PC Games

Online games are also popular among gamers because they are easily accessible when you have a connection to the internet. Whether you enjoy playing cards, sports games, or casino games at casino.netbet.com , there are definitely games for anyone’s choice on the internet. Gaming sites try to attract the player’s eye by offering a wide range of games that players can choose from. On top of that, gamers don’t need to worry about paying extra fees because most of them can be played for free.

However, PC games of the century are still the most played games by gamers. The amazing graphics, the sound effects, the easy to control gaming consoles, make you enter the world of the game and like nothing else, enjoy your gaming experience having the feeling like you’re actually taking part in it. New gamers appear on the market, however, their attempt to replace some classic PC games of the century is unsuccessful. Some games have remained popular, even though released a few years ago, and players can’t wait for the next edition to arrive. Here are some of the best PC games that have ever appeared on the market, and they are still popular in the gaming community.

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Call of Duty

World War II has definitely been the inspiration for a lot of action games. However, no game has succeeded to seize the throne of Call of Duty, the most popular game in its genre of all time. The latest version, Call of Duty Warfare 2, is the best release of Activision. The game offers single mode and multiplayer mode that players can choose from. On top of that, Call of Duty has a touch of realness in the way it presents the horrors of the World War II and what actually happened, not what the author wants to present in the game. It takes you directly into the story of a soldier on the battlefield who feels a duty of responsibility to fight for freedom and protect the nation from foreign invasions. If you still haven’t tried playing this classic game, it’s definitely worth it giving it a try, in the mode that you prefer, single more or multiplayer mode.

Grand Theft Auto

This game is one of the most popular games of all time. It has broken sales and popularity records, the game that was played by all generations and it’s still popular among younger kids. The game has got several editions, Grand Theft Auto being the latest version of the game. It’s a striking story presenting the player the life in Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto has a lot of realistic elements, giving you the illusion that you’re actually living in that city. Missions in the city vary from easy, casual jobs, to some more complex that players need time to complete. All of these things make GTA a classic in the online gaming community, and a game that players always return to.

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While all other games are, you know, considered old-school classics, this game is still relevant in the gaming community, even though it was released back in 2017. Since then, Fortnite has a loyal fan base that counts 125 million players across the world. The game offers a very unique gameplay, and Fortnite is equally attractive to both younger and older generations. Players drop into a lobby of 100 players, and they all rush into collecting weapons, trying to succeed in the mission to be the last player standing in the game. Players need to collect different materials, including metal and bricks, to build structured and defend themselves in a battle. If you aren’t familiar with the battle royale game’s genre, this game is definitely a good representative of this genre.

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