VIPLeague Alternatives: Live Sports Streaming Sites

VIPLeague Alternatives

If you watch a lot of sports, you must have heard of VIPLeague, a platform for live sports streaming. It allows you to stream a wide range of sports, including Tennis, Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Combat Sports, and more. However, VIPLeague has some issues. Many times, the streams don’t work, and you can also notice annoying pop-ups. Hence, you may want to look for VIPLeague alternatives.

We have picked some websites like VIPLeague you should try for live sports streaming.

SportStream: VIPLeague Alternatives

SportStream TV is one of the most popular live sports streaming websites out there. It allows you to view a wide range of sports, including American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Racing, Rugby, and more.

On the website homepage, you will see a list of all the matches that are currently streaming live. You can click on the game you want to see live and start streaming. The website also provides a list of all the past, present, and upcoming events, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Ace Stream

Ace Stream is a peer-to-peer (P2P) online media player that allows you to stream live sports online. You can also watch many TV shows and movies. It’s based on the VLC Media Player and is compatible with BitTorrent. Hence, it can capture video from a wide range of external sources, enabling you to stream live sports and other content online.

VIPLeague Alternatives
VIPLeague Alternatives

In addition to being a live sports streaming website, Ace Stream is a full-fledged video player that supports all file formats, mainly MP3, AVI, WAV, MKV, DVD, FLAC, and FLV. Moreover, this player always plays videos in HD format. So, if you’re looking for high-definition sports streaming, you know where to go.

SportP2P: VIPLeague Alternatives

SportsP2P is another popular live sports streaming website that enables you to watch your favorite sports online for free. You can watch basketball, tennis, motorsports, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and other sports.

SportP2P has some fantastic sorting features. It allows you to sort the live and upcoming events using various criteria. For instance, you can select the name of the sport to see all the current and upcoming events. Next, you can click select a country and see all its live and future events. Lastly, it shows all the live and upcoming events on the homepage. Hence, you have a lot of navigation options to choose from.

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FirstRowSports is another live sports streaming website where you can enjoy a lot of sports live. These include football, basketball, American football, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, and combat sports. The website is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate across different sections.

The FirstRowSports website has links to all the sports. All you need to do is visit the homepage and click on the sport you want to view. Apart from live streaming, FirstRowSports has options for Live Scores, Webmasters, and HQ Streams as well.

ATDHE: VIPLeague Alternatives

ATDHE is a live sports streaming website that lets you watch a wide range of sports in one place. Soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, moto GP, handball, American football, and hockey are some sports available on ATDHE. It has a single-page website that lists all the current and future events. You can click the links to view the stream.

VIPLeague Alternatives
VIPLeague Alternatives

A big drawback of ATDHE is that it has a lot of ads. Not only will you find a bunch of banner ads on the website, but it also has annoying pop-ups that redirect you to spam websites. Hence, the user experience is not essentially the greatest.


Stream2Watch is another amazing platform to watch live sports for free. It allows you to stream over 15 sports, including football, soccer, tennis, basketball, boxing, rugby, golf, and more. If you’re tired of buying subscriptions to sports streaming services, Stream2Watch resolves this hurdle by allowing you to watch all sports in one place.

VIPLeague Alternatives
VIPLeague Alternatives

Stream2Watch is one of the best websites for live sports streaming because of a few reasons. First, it has a clean interface, and you won’t see ads popping out from anywhere. Also, there are no pop-ups, and you won’t be redirected to spam websites. Hence, you can use this platform with confidence and peace.

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Wiziwig: VIPLeague Alternatives

Wiziwig is a popular sports streaming website where you can watch all the major sports live. Some sports available on Wiziwig are football, basketball, handball, volleyball, boxing, tennis, rugby, hockey, and more. You can watch your favorite sports matches in HD quality without subscribing to anything.

However, Wiziwig also has ads. You will find banner ads on the website, and there are pop-up ads as well that will redirect you to some betting websites. So, if you can’t stand ads, Wiziwig is not the right website for you. If you’re fine with ads, you’ll have a great time on this website.


Let’s end this list with a website for cricket lovers — CricFree. Though the name of the platform indicates that it’s a cricket streaming website, it streams other sports as well. You will find all the major sports, including football, tennis, hockey, boxing, and more.

VIPLeague Alternatives
VIPLeague Alternatives

The best thing about CricFree is the availability of its channels. For every live event, CricFree provides a bunch of available channels. If one channel doesn’t work, you can try the other channels. Eventually, you’ll find a channel that works.

CricFree has a clean interface, though it displays ads. You may get redirected to other websites when you click on links on the site.


Let’s end this list with LiveTV, another free sports streaming website that allows you to watch sports for free. The website lists all the live sports events across the world, and you can watch them with one click. It works similarly to almost all the other websites discussed above. LiveTV also shows ads, so prepare yourself for pop-ups.

Wrap Up: VIPLeague Alternatives

VIPLeague is one of the best live sports streaming websites out there. It allows you to watch live sports for free. However, many users don’t like its interface and user experience. If you’re one of them, you might be looking for VIPLeague alternatives. The websites mentioned above can be a starting point for you.

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