The best places to visit in the world if you are an avid Harry Potter fan

Best places to visit in the world

J.K. Rowling gave a magical background and a tapestry beyond ordinary imagination with excellent craftsmanship for her Harry Potter books. Since then, young and old readers got captivated by its magical power. And the movie franchise only added to the worldwide frenzy. Universal Studios fueled the fan craze by creating the Wizarding World to attract tourists and improve their revenues. The following are the best places to visit in the world for a glimpse of this magic:

The Wizard Chamber: one of the best places to visit in the world

This marvelous and loveable place is at the Georgian House Hotel. The avid fans can also stay here for a fulfilling experience. The hotel room is quite magical, and the guests will enjoy the secret bookcase access. It has a distinct gothic look and feel, and the aesthetics are also perfect.

The guests can walk around passageways decorated with beautiful portraits enriched with the glow from the candle lights. This 19th-century hotel also serves tea, biscuits, and a hot breakfast.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition – a traveling display of props and clothes

It is a traveling exhibit that showcases the best merchandise from this hit series. It tours all over North America, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, and Australia. Visitors can enjoy the display consisting of over 200 props and replicas, including all the familiar costumes and a plethora of artifacts.

The Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for an up-close experience. You can have a close and personal look at the craftsmanship and artistry, and it is unlike any other ordinary museum visit with boring monuments and dull replicas.

The College of Wizardry: an immersive experience for the fans

It is a 14th-century castle in Poland called the Czocha. This college welcomes all the like-minded visitors for a 4-day role-playing experience. It is arguably one of the best places to visit in the world to learn magic. The students can make their dreams come true at this awe-inspiring place.

However, this school has no direct relationship with Hogwarts. It does not promote the copyrighted spells either, and there is no direct reference to Harry Potter. But visitors can enjoy well-designed live action games. They can also eat, sleep, and study magic here without any hassles.

Number 4 Privet Drive: real-life glimpse for curious visitors

Warner Bros used this home in the very first Harry Potter movie. The Dursleys and their son Dudley lived in this house. Fans will love this spectacular site, located 40 miles outside of London. Visitors will find the brown-bricked homes alluring and attractive. They blend seamlessly into the 3-bedroom suburban house. If you wish to relive the scenes from the movie, this is the best place to travel.

The London Zoo: one of the coolest and best places to visit in the world

This location is one of the many film sites used by the famous Harry Potter team. This location was where Harry Potter entered the Reptile House and understood his ability to speak Parseltongue. In the book series, the story describes a fictitious zoo in Surrey. But the moviemakers chose this place to impress the discerning viewers. The Zoo is home to a breathtaking 750 different animal species. It is an old and enjoyable place for the whole family. They can take leisurely walks and catch sight of rhinos, giraffes, lions, bears, tigers, and elephants. In particular, the kids can try and talk to the Burmese boa constrictor to check their Parseltongue ability.

Elephant House: major attraction for Rowling fans

This Edinburgh cafe serves the best tea and coffee. It is on the central parkway and has the sign, “Birthplace of Harry Potter.” The author used this precise spot to create a fantasy world of wizards and witches. It is now a famous place of inspiration for many writers. The Scottish city is also a tourist favorite with art galleries, gardens, and multiple levels and bridges.

Hogwarts: magical grounds with an inviting look

The Alnwick Castle in Northumberland is the real Hogwarts. It is a beautiful location with green grounds and majestic castles. The moviemakers choose this spot for its attractive look and pleasant atmosphere. It is one of the best places to visit in the world to experience Potter magic. The fans can enjoy broomstick flight training on the grounds as well. But in the movies, the castle interiors got pictured at the Gloucester Cathedral.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: popular theme park

Universal Studios chose its Florida location to set up this beautiful replica. The fans can enjoy grand life-size castles and adjacent streets. The popularity of the theme park experiences a sharp increase since its creation in 2010. Global visitors throng to t


These fans can ride the Hogwarts Express and savor Chocolate Frog and Butterbeer. They also get to enjoy a real, working wand along with more interactive rides with the cast members.

Leavesden Studios: one of the best places to visit in the world for exhibits

Warner Bros built and manages these state-of-the-art facilities. The purpose-built complex was one of the many filming spots in the 8 Harry Potter movies. All the cast members spent a significant part of their time behind these studio walls. They did travel outside for other shots, but this location was the mainstay.

Fans can enjoy the Studio Tour with a focus on Harry Potter production. They can see all the exhibits and participate in Wand Choreography Interactive. Also, Dumbledore’s office, costumes, and props have become significant tourist attractions.

King’s Cross: a unique spot for photos and selfies

This station is the original location where J. K. Rowling’s tale begins. Platform 9 3/4 is now a central tourist hub for global visitors. The fans can take photos and selfies for the album. The platform also has a luggage cart and closely resembles Londoner’s traveling ways. The passenger railway terminus now has a dashing look, thanks to major renovation works. Besides, you can walk in freely as there are no tickets required for entry.

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