4 x popular printable packaging materials

4 x popular printable packaging materials

Printable packaging materials with your own logo or design allows you to create packaging that breathes your brand identity. Would you like to achieve this with your packaging as well? The online printing company of Amsterdam, Drukbedrijf, has listed the four most popular printable packaging materials for you!

  1. Ribbon with a choice of over 25 colors

Printed ribbon (translation: lint bedrukken) can be composed to your liking. You can choose from over 25 colors, various thicknesses and you can also specify the distance between the prints. Your logo, design or text will be printed repeatedly on the ribbon. The print can contain up to 4 PMS colors, so it is also suitable for logos with many colors. You can order the ribbon starting from 1 roll of at least 25 meters and up to 5000 meters.

  1. Tissue paper; current trend in packaging material

Tissue paper is a relatively new product in the field of packaging material and therefore also trendy. The paper is slightly transparent. You can wrap products in tissue paper and put them in a shipping box. This not only enhances the experience of unpacking, it also gives your product a more luxurious look. Your design will be printed in a pattern on the paper. Tissue paper comes in single sheets, which are available in various sizes.

  1. Round stickers as closing stickers

Round stickers are ideal as closing stickers for packaging. You can also use them as logo stickers to stick on your boxes. Round stickers give a professional look to your packages. Consumers can also see at a glance where the package comes from. The stickers are printed on rolls. This prevents you from having loose stickers lying around everywhere. Ideal at the counter or in a warehouse.

  1. 100% recyclable tape

Ecological tape is popular for closing cardboard boxes. This tape is 100% recycled and can also be fully recycled again. You can print your own ecological tape with a choice of two different widths. You can also choose from the colors white and kraft. Kraft is brown in color and also has a sustainable look. This is for example ideal if you sell a sustainable product. The tape is printed in full color with a design of your choice. The ink used is soy based. Instead of durable tape you can of course also choose regular tape. The advantage of this is that you can choose from more colors.

These are just a few examples of packaging that you can have printed. All these packages are available from a small quantity, so also suitable for small-scale entrepreneurs. Hopefully these tips will contribute to strengthening the branding of your packages!

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