Super Mario Maker 2 Update 2.0, Release Date and Features of New Version!

Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo developed another Super Mario game that called Super Mario Maker 2. this game released on 28tth June 2019 for Nintendo Switch. It gets appreciation and critics by fans.

Now the game is making another huge change this week. This updated version will release on 5th December 2019. The updated version will feature the new course parts in which Master sword item in the Super Mario Bros are included.

The unique style will transform Mario into the link and will provide new movest and speed run mode.

Here all the updates of the upcoming version:

  • Spike: Spike is a new enemy in the game that shoots out spiky iron balls and throws snowballs in the snow theme.
  • Pokey: Pokey is cactus-like the enemy that creates different obstacles in the night mode. Flies become a snowman in snow theme.
  • Frozen Coin: the frozen coin is an ice block that melted with fire.
  • P Block: there will be a new block called P Block. It will appear and disappear when a P Switch hits.
  • Dash Block: it provides higher speed than normal when it touches to this block.
  • Master Sword: With this, Mario transforms into a link that gives new movest and stabbing enemies with the sword.
  • Ninji Speedruns: that is a new feature in the game that takes to you courses which created by Nintendo. Clear Courses collect stamps and unlock special Mii costumes.

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