Lee Min Ho Net Worth 2022 – What All You Need to Know

Lee Min Ho Net Worth

Fans not only get inspired by the celebrities they love but also show a keen interest in knowing more about them. They follow the movie stars, sports stars, and other celebrities they like on social media. Many fans even try to interact with the celebrities via social media.

Another activity that fans usually carry out is learning about the net worth of the celebrities. The reason behind the same is that fans want to know about their preferred artists over and above their work. They get curious to know how much their favorite stars earn and what kind of lifestyle they live. Some people try to find information about the net worth of celebrities to determine if the particular field is lucrative or not.

Just like the net worth of many other celebrities, Lee Min Ho Net Worth is also discussed a lot on the internet. If you are reading this blog post, it means you are either a devoted fan of Lee Min Ho or have recently started being fascinated by them.

Therefore, you are willing to find out how much Lee Min Ho is worth in terms of money. Well, just be a little patient, as we have shared all the relevant details regarding the net worth, income, achievements, and other aspects of the life of Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth
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Lee Min Ho is a highly popular South Korean actor, singer, performer, model, creative director, and entrepreneur. He has acted in commercials, television shows, and movies. Lee Min Ho has an intriguing personal life and rewarding professional life. He has even served the military when he was just nineteen years old. It is mandatory for every adult and able-bodied man in South Korea to conduct military service for eighteen months under a conscription system.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth: Find Out His Net Worth, Income, and More

The net worth of Lee Min Ho as of September 2022 is estimated to be $13 million US dollars. He is one of the richest actors in the Korean Movie Industry. He is also one of the highest-paid actors in the Korean Movie and Television Industry. His fame is not limited to South Korea. He has become a renowned actor in Asia, America, Australia, and other parts of the world.

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The various sources of income from which Lee Min Ho earns include commercial, television shows, movies, music albums, stage performances, modeling assignments, product endorsements, and business. He owns the agency named ‘MYM Entertainment’. The co-founder and CEO of this agency is Lee Yun-jeong, who is Lee Min Ho’s elder sister.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth
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One of the reasons why Lee Min Ho Net Worth is so high is that the actor gets a handsome amount for every project he does. He made $70000 for his role as ‘Jong-dae’ in the movie ‘Gangnam Blues’. Gangnam Blues is a South Korean action film released in the year 2015. Lee Min Ho played the leading role in the movie.

At times, he also has a share in the earnings from the projects completed by him. For example, he had a share in the earnings from the web series ‘Line Romance’, which made $25 million US dollars. He charges $84000 per episode for acting in the television series ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’. He plays the role of ‘Emperor Lee Gon’ in this television series.

As per the report, Lee Min Ho received around $784,951 US dollars to be present at an event in Hong Kong. He makes $2.5 million US dollars from product endorsements. He endorses multiple products simultaneously. He once even received $87000 US dollars against the damages caused to him due to the unauthorized use of his image by a face mask brand.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth
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Lee Min Ho: Properties, Cars, and Other Possessions

Now that you know Lee Min Ho Net Worth, let’s see how he uses his wealth. Just like all other celebrities, Lee Min Ho also has valuable possessions. He owns two luxurious villas in Seongbuk-dong, which is a neighborhood of Seongbuk-gu in Seoul, South Korea.

Sprawled across 740 square meters, both these properties are situated near to each other. Lee Min Ho bought these two villas for $4.3 million US dollars. While one mansion has a rustic feel, the other has a modern design. He also owns a nine-storey building located in Nonhyeon-dong, which is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam-gu is one of the twenty-five local government districts which make up the city of Seoul. It is the most expensive area in Seoul.

Valued at more than $2 million US dollars, this building has a gym, a home theater, and a party room. Lee Min Ho also owns an apartment in Mark Hills, which is a 21-storey high-rise building located in Seoul. This building offers a beautiful view of Seoul’s skyline. Apart from the two villas, a nine-storey building, and a luxurious apartment, Lee Min Ho also owns some other properties in upscale districts in South Korea.

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Lee Min Ho Net Worth
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Lee Min Ho Net Worth makes it possible for the singer to buy costly cars. Lee Min Ho bought a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 for $70000 US dollars. He owns some sports cars as well. Lee Min Ho keeps posting pictures of his houses and cars on social media.

Lee Min Ho: Childhood, Personal Life, and Career

Born on June 22, 1987 in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea, Lee Min Ho has achieved both the love from fans and the appreciation from critics. He was raised in Seoul itself. He completed his education at the local primate school. Lee Min Ho graduated from Konkuk University. He used to play football during high school. Lee Min Ho was even chosen for the youth football class of South Korea. He dreamt of becoming a professional football player.

But fate had something else in store for Lee Min Ho. He was in a tragic car accident along with his friend and actor Jung II Woo in the year 2006. Lee Min Ho had to stay hospitalized for months after the accident because he got injuries on various body parts. Lee Min Ho had to discontinue playing football.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth
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As a result, he started focusing more on acting. He began his acting career in the year 2003. Lee Min Ho became a popular face due to playing the lead role in the KBS2 drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. He made his debut in the South Korean movie industry by acting in the movie ‘Public Enemy Returns’ in 2008. Lee Min Ho released an album ‘My Everything’ in 2013.

Apart from Lee Min Ho Net Worth, the information regarding the relationship status of the actor also attracts the interest of the public. Lee Min Ho is currently single. He was in a relationship with Bea Suzy from 2015 to 2017. Bea Suzy is a famous South Korean singer. Lee Min Ho loves eating Chinese and Korean food items.


Lee Min Ho is not just a good artist but also a good person. He established ‘PROMIZ’, which is a fundraising website, in the year 2014. The purpose of the website is to collect donations for social and humanitarian causes.

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