IQOS & GLO — Smoking Device Review

Smoking Device Review

Philip Morris and British American Tobacco are two largest tobacco companies. They have their own tobacco heating systems. The first is IQOS, the second one  is GLO. In this blog, you will know QOS & GLO — Smoking Device Review.

Marketing confrontation between Philip Morris and British American Tobacco in the world has reached the cosmic limits. IQOS is an innovative tobacco heating system but glo is revolutionary. IQOS sticks – short and thick, glo sticks, on the contrary, are long and thin.

These electronic devices have a number of significant advantages:

  • Safety – the process of combustion of tobacco is replaced by heating technology.
  • Ecology – steam does not harm the environment as it does smoke.
  • Cleanliness – a smoker gets rid of the unpleasant residual smell of tobacco from the oral cavity, hands, hair, clothes.


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IQOS looks extremely stylish. The premium product is manifested in everything. The official site sells multicolored caps for the holder – “luxurious blue”, “passionate red”, “wonderful turquoise” etc. Moreover, the second version of the device on the default is sold with gold inserts.

glo is less than pathetic. British American Tobacco doesn’t build around the device a picture of 30-year-old businessmen in elegant suits that use an exclusive product between a champagne glass and a million deal. Glo is a device for people. 

More information about prices and design you can find at


IQOS consists of two parts – the battery pack and holder. In the first there is a heating element and a small battery, and the second de facto performs simply as charging. The user must pull the holder from the battery pack, insert the stick to the holder, press the button, smoke, and then fold everything back.

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IQOS has at least 3 buttons. The first opens the battery lid to get the holder. The second includes the holder. The third turns off the battery pack.

There are also 5 LEDs. The first 4 signals show the level of charge. The latter one is about charging the holder. 

glo is much simpler. You have to only insert, press and smoke. The entire interface is hidden into one button.

The used IQOS sticks should be thrown into the rubbish bin. Because after consumption, tobacco sticks fall apart into small pieces. glo sticks retain the integrity, remaining more or less as they were. 

The quality of manufacture, as well as the design of the products is at the same level. However, IQOS and glo are conceptually different devices. IQOS is a spacecraft, an airplane for tobacco use. glo is a minimalist bar. At first it seems to be non-zeal, but with time the design justifies itself. 


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