How to Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Remover?

Make up items kept on a table in a room

If you think that finding the right makeup products and learning the most suitable makeup techniques are difficult enough tasks, then wait until we tell you that the even more difficult and important task is removing the makeup correctly.

Now, you might feel surprised to know, but a large number of women don’t follow the right steps or methods for removing makeup. “How to take off makeup without makeup remover” is another problem area for women. Most women don’t possess the required awareness or understanding regarding the fact that proper removal of makeup is necessary to avoid various kinds of risks related to your skin. It’s worth mentioning here that facial skin is thinner as compared to the skin on other parts of the body.

Therefore, it needs special care when it comes to applying, fixing, and removing makeup. You must have come across various advertisements and informational material that emphasize taking extreme care of facial skin. Different methods are suggested for washing, cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing the face in a safe and gentle manner.

But not many awareness campaigns or educational materials are created to highlight the importance of correct makeup application and removal. The majority of the women learn how to put on and remove makeup from the elderly women in their homes, friends, or colleagues. A very small percentage of women take professional makeup classes.

In such a situation, how to take off makeup without makeup remover or even remove makeup at all are subjects that are mostly ignored. Many women just wash their faces with water after returning home from work, a celebration, or a get-together. This type of practice can harm your facial skin. Taking good care of your skin can make you look young for years to come.

Are Makeup Removal Products the Only Solution?

Those who buy makeup removal products don’t use them often because it seems like a hassle. At times, ladies forget to carry makeup remover while going on a vacation, work trip, or party. They resort to using water for washing off the makeup. The worst-case scenarios are when ladies just leave their makeup on their face and don’t bother to take it off.

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So, “How to take off makeup without makeup remover” is something every lady should learn. Having the knowledge of removing makeup without professional removal products is highly beneficial. You should not keep the makeup on your face for an extended period of time. In fact, if you have to attend social, professional, or cultural events that continue for long hours, you should take breaks for removing and reapplying the makeup to ensure the safety of your facial skin.


Being careless with your makeup can lead to acne. Getting rid of acne scars can prove to be troublesome.

In this blog post, we have shared information about some brilliant tips on how to take off makeup without remover. You can rest assured that makeup removal products are not the only solution for taking makeup off your face. We have shed light on some homemade and readily available at-home products that can work as makeup removers.

Baby Oil

The good, old, classic baby oil has more uses than you can think. Apart from using it on babies, baby oil can become a nice makeup remover. All you need is a cotton pad or ball and a little amount of baby oil. Put oil on a cotton pad, and wipe the makeup off with this pad.

Coconut Oil

The process of using coconut oil for removing the makeup is the same as that of baby oil. You can put a pea-sized amount of oil on cotton pads, which can then be used for scrubbing off the makeup from your face. However, you can use it in a different way as well. You can take a few drops of coconut oil in your hands and apply them to your face.

Olive Oil

When it comes to “how to take off makeup without makeup remover”, olive oil can also be used just like baby oil and coconut oil. The method of using olive oil is the same as mentioned in the earlier two tips. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and so, it can be considered best for all skin types, except for those who get any allergic reaction after using olive oil.

A bottle of aloe vera oil and a few olives


Due to the nutrients present in the milk, it has a great solution to various skin-related problems. Milk is highly useful even for a simple need, such as removing makeup. You can take a cotton pad dipped in milk or take milk in your hands to rub on your face with your palms.

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Petroleum Jelly

If someone asks you, “How to take off makeup without makeup remover?”, the one sure-shot answer that you can give is ‘petroleum jelly’. It works wonders when you use it to remove your makeup. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly in your hands and rub it on eyelashes, lips, cheeks, and other areas where you have put on makeup. Then, wipe those areas with a damp towel or cotton.

Aloe Vera

Now, you can mix aloe vera with either water or olive oil to make a paste that you can run on your face to get rid of your makeup. Fresh aloe vera is the best option if you want to mix water. For mixing olive oil, you can also use readymade aloe vera gel. Apply the paste on your face and keep it for a few minutes. Then, you can rinse your face with water.

Two aloe vera leaves kept with a white bowl

Baking Soda and Honey

Making a mixture of baking soda and honey can give you an excellent homemade makeup remover. Baking soda is widely known for its skin-related uses and benefits. Take two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of honey. Mix them in a bowl. Add a few drops of water to the bowl. Put this mixture on a cotton ball or pad. Rub the cotton ball on those areas from where you want to wipe off the makeup.

The tips on how to take off makeup without makeup remover are incomplete without the steps to take after applying the items listed above. Whether you choose olive oil or milk, petroleum jelly or aloe vera, your makeup removal routine has to end with cleansing and moisturizing your face.

For cleansing, you can rinse your face with warm water. Then, wipe and pat your face with a dry towel or napkin. Although it’s not necessary, you can dab your face with cotton balls after this. In the end, use your trusted moisturizer on your face to remove the effects of all the harsh makeup items that you might have applied.

Wrapping Up

Although it’s quite common for many women to wash their face with soap or face wash for removing makeup, it’s certainly not a good idea. Just like you apply your makeup carefully, you should also remove your makeup carefully. We hope that you would have liked reading this blog post on “how to take off makeup without makeup remover”.

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