How to Find the Best Machine to Row at Home

Row at Home

You’ve tried rowing at your friend’s gym or the hotel gym when traveling for work and loved it. It gave your whole body a workout and left you energized for the day. You prefer working out at home, any time of day, any weather and are hooked on the idea of having your very own rowing machine at home. But as a novice, where do you even begin finding the most recommended machine to row at home?

You rowed in college and have contemplated getting back into it for fun and fitness. You’re no longer interested in the competitive aspect of rowing, except for competing against yourself the day before. With so many options for at-home rowing machines, you’re wondering where to even begin your search for the best machine to row at home?

Built for All Skill Levels

First things first. You’ll probably want to seek out an at-home rowing machine built for all skill levels – beginner to daily rower. Why? Because once you start your journey and are enjoying it so much, your family members will notice and will want in on this energy-boosting workout of rowing!

So find a rowing machine that suits you

  • A beginner, who may have never tried rowing or just once or twice
  • A novice with some time spent on other rowing machines at the gym
  • A once college rower that is missing the sport and wants to get back to it for fitness
  • An athlete that is possibly sidelined from another sport due to injury that rowing was recommended to by a trainer/physician

Also, one that provides instructional videos so you and any other users can start off on the right foot and care for your machine so it is maintained well. Some of the educational videos to look for in your machine to row at home might be…

  • The fundamentals of How to Row
  • How to use the rower to understand your stats/progress
  • How to row with correct form in order to engage your muscles
  • How to correctly maximize output and speed with good technique
  • How to clean and care for your equipment

The Options

Depending on how data-driven you and the other rowers at home are you’ll likely want to research all the options for an at-home rowing machine before committing. We would! Be sure to consider what is important to you, what your wants and needs are, and what you’re willing to compromise on. For instance…

  • Do you want an at-home rowing machine that pairs with a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)? It should have Bluetooth connection capability.
  • Consider the fact that some at-home rowing machines will not be compatible with HRMs/fitness trackers that require a pin or code to log in for pairing.
  • Do you want an at-home rower that is on the quieter side for other members of the household? You might consider evaluating rowing machines that utilize electro-magnetic resistance, which is much quieter than other methods. Keep in mind that there really is no “silent” rowing machine – all make some sort of noise when in use.
  • Do you want a rowing machine that has built-in speakers for listening to music or trainers while working out? How about one that is compatible with Bluetooth headphones/earbuds?
  • How about WiFi connectivity? With a rowing machine that is connected to WiFi, you’ll be able to utilize the provided trainer-led sessions and music to power you through a tough workout.

Backed by Expertise

You want to know who’s behind the equipment you’re buying right? Rowing machines and other at-home gym equipment are investments you want to last. Consider that the best machine to row at home should be developed and backed by those with expertise in the industry.

Rowing can be a stronger calorie per minute burner than biking or running. Developers of rowing machines know this and some even offer athlete led workouts where you’re sure to get an energy-boosting session in. Wouldn’t it be great to have a rowing machine that offers life and recorded workouts created by skilled athletes that know and love the sport? Finding a rowing machine for your home that includes the opportunity to participate in a journey where you’ll be able to focus on form and skill with a view of beautiful scenery would be something to look for as well.

Go On, Get Your Row On

If you’re still on the fence for which machine is best for rowing at home, consider taking a test drive. Manufacturers should offer up a list of where you might be able to find and test a floor model before buying. Consider reading through the FAQ section of the rowing machine websites once you’ve narrowed down your selection.

Then, go on, get your row on!

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