Today’s 10 Best Star Trek Websites

Best Star Trek Websites

After more than 50 years, Star Trek is still winning over new fans and inspiring real-world change. We’ve seen 13 films and 774 episodes, along with other related media, fan art and more. Even after a long span of time, Star Trek is still popular with audiences as it offers real human stories and an optimistic vision of the future. Find about the ten best Star Trek Websites.

Star Trek has also built a spirit of curiosity and a true pursuit of knowledge within its lore: The 35 television seasons have affected the real world and influenced the evolution of science and technology with regard to space travel, sustainable energy and personal computing. It also shows how humans can explore space peacefully and sustainably.  If you are a Star Trek fan, you will be glad to know that there are a number of Star Trek Websites that offer you with all the information you need about Star Trek canon and beyond.  Here are the top 10 Star Trek websites of today:

1. Star Trek official website

In order to know everything about Star Trek, the best thing you can do is visit its official Star Trek Websites. Here you can get access to all the series and movies based on Star Trek. The best part is that you can watch these episodes in HD quality. Also, this site encourages you to participate in message boards, upload images and comment on various posts. There is also a video section which lets you see a lot of behind the scenes work. So, you can visit the Star Trek official website in order to know more about this series.

2. Memory Alpha

You can also visit Memory Alpha if you want to get detailed information about Star Trek. This site is authored and moderated wiki on everything that you need to know about the series. You can consider it as a collaborative encyclopedia on Star trek, and also it has 32,427 pages of information, and so you can browse the different portals that cover the Star Trek universe. Memory Alpha also publishes breaking news but be careful when you check it or else you might get spoilers.

3. TrekCore

Another website which the Star Trek fans can check is TrekCore, and its official website is TrekCore. This Star Trek Websites is a popular one, and it offers one of the largest information that you need in case of Star Trek episodes and movies. Not only that, but it also offers you with the latest news, interviews and analysis on Blu-ray releases, books, gaming etc.

4. Trekmovie

Trekmovie is also a site where you can get breaking news and information about the Star Trek series. So, if you want additional information, you can visit Trekmovie and learn more facts about it.  You can also explore all the news, interviews, previews and reviews about books, comics, fan productions related to Star Trek.

5. Ex Astris Scientia

Ex Astris Scientia stands for ‘From the stars, knowledge and this site mainly focus on technology that revolves around Star Trek as well as other aspects of the franchise. So, if you are interested in this aspect of the information you can visit Ex Astris Scientia and know about starship database, fleet charts, etc. 

6. Priority One Podcast

A new episode is published each week on the Priority One Podcst with the latest Star Trek news and happenings.  Covering the television shows, movie reviews, and the rest of Trek fandom, this site does it all.

7. Star Trek Animated

Also, there are young Star Trek fans who love to get information about this franchise. Therefore, they can visit Star Trek Animated where they can get Star Trek greeting cards and play games online. This has made it easier to cater to the needs of the younger fans so that they will not be left behind and can enjoy getting knowledge and important information about Star Trek.


This site can be accessed by visiting where you can get daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews and other important information. You can also get the latest coverage of films, convention, video games and more.

9. Independence Fleet

Independence Fleet is an online Star Trek role play-by-post, simming and creative writing club. It has gained a reputation for quality and community service and has won a number of awards. Apart from this, it features starships that specialize in defence, exploration, special operations and more. You can visit Independence Fleet for more information.

10. TrekToday

Also, to know more about the daily news and latest gossips on Star Trek Websites, you can visit Trek Today and be a part of the Trek discussion with a lot of discussions.

Check out these great sites if you want to learn more about Star Trek or connect with others about Trek in a variety of ways.  Above all, live long and prosper!

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