Bad Boys For Life: Trailer has come out ! Release Date and all other details.

Bad Boys For Life

The trailer of Bad Boys has released on 4th September 2019. We will see our favourite characters of Smith and Lawrence. The film will all about the bad boys’ conflict with the police unit.

In this film, Mike and Marcus will work together to take down the leader of the Miami drug gang. The elite group is called AMMO of the Miami police department.

This department will go up towards the Armando Armas along with old school cops Marcus and Mike.

The first time film released in 1995 where Lowrey and Burnett investigate about the heroine that found in the storage room o the Miami precinct.

After the first movie, the second Bad Boys film released in 2003. At that time it was also revealed that Lowrey was the relationship with Burnett’s sister who named is Syd.

Who Will in it?

In the new movie of bad boys for life, Will Smith will play the role of Detective Lieutenant Michael as Mike, Martin Lawrence as Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett.

Besides in other stars, Vaness Hudgens as Maya, Alexander Ludwig, Charles melton as harry Doyle, Nicky Jam Joe Pantoliano as Captain Conrad Howard, Paola Nunez as Ritakate, Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett are included. Moreover, Dj Khaled will appear in the role of Manny of the Butcher.

The release date has confirmed. Yes! The movie will come on 17th January 2020. So wait for your favourite characters until January.

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