10 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day in 2022

Best Wedding Hairstyles

No words can describe the importance that a wedding day holds for a person. It is a day that opens a new chapter in the lives of the couple. Both bride and groom stay excited throughout the day to welcome the happiness the future has in store for them.

Along with preparing oneself mentally to give a lifetime commitment to the would-be spouse, the person who is about to get married also focuses on looking well. It’s an unwritten rule that everyone involved in the wedding try to don a look as perfect as possible. Not just the bride and groom but also their family members and guests try to look gorgeous.

Therefore, topics like ‘best wedding dresses’, ‘best wedding suits’ and ‘best wedding hairstyles’ are always of interest to people. While both the couple and the attendees put all their efforts into choosing the best possible apparels, in this blog post, we are going to talk only about the bride. We have curated a list of the hairstyles that a bride can wear on her special day in 2022.

10 Best Wedding Hairstyles for a Bride in 2022

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Best Wedding Hairstyles

A hairstyle or a hairdo is an essential factor that determines the overall look and charm of a woman on her wedding day. For every bride, her wedding hairstyle is as significant as her wedding dress, wedding ring, wedding shoes, and wedding cake. In fact, many brides spend hours in a salon to get the desired hairstyle. The way a bride styles her hair on her wedding day matters a lot to her.

Learning about the best wedding hairstyles can help you because you will remember how you was your hairdo while getting hitched for many years through photographs and videos. So, it makes complete sense to pay heed to your hairstyle. The way you style your hair affects your appearance on your wedding day.

Thus, you should learn about various types of hairstyles that are deemed to be suitable for a bride. You must have come across at least one incident in your life where you would have attended a wedding or seen the photographs of a wedding and felt that the bride could have worn a better hairstyle. Some brides commit mistakes in choosing the right hairdo for their big day.

But you need to ensure that you don’t become one of them. You should have knowledge of the hairstyles that are trending currently. You should also be aware of your facial structure and your facial features so that you can determine whether a particular hairdo will suit you or not. You should pick the most suitable option from the best wedding hairstyles. Now, let’s have a look at the list below.

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Loose Waves

Best Wedding Hairstyles
Image Credit: Sainik School Rewa

Loose Waves is a hairstyle that a lot of brides prefer these days. This hairstyle does not take too much time or hard work. As the name suggests, you just need to keep your hair loose, i.e., open. All you need to do is to wear a pin on your bangs (the front section of your hair that falls over the front hairline of the scalp to cover the forehead). You should curl the bang away from your face by using a curling iron. Choose a pin that matches your wedding gown.

Classic Updo

There is nothing left to the imagination when we say ‘Classic Updo’ as it’s a popular type of hairstyle. Ladies wear this hairstyle on different occasions. A classic updo can do wonders even on your wedding day. You just need to keep your hair up in a way that it does not fall down. You should choose clips or pins that are a bit fancy to keep your hair in place. It is indeed one of the best wedding hairstyles for brides who have long hair.

Half Up Half Down

Best Wedding Hairstyles
Image Credit: Hitched

As you can guess from the name, this hairstyle involves keeping your hair half up and half down. Instead of using a simple pin or clip to tie the hair, you should use an elegant hairpiece as it can make you look even more beautiful. Some brides choose to keep a few strands of hair open so that they can fall on their faces.


You may find it hard to believe, but a ponytail is one of the best wedding hairstyles for a bride. Ponytail, which is a regular hairdo for many women, can notch up your look on your special day. You can use the curling iron to create waves that look natural and voluminous.

Fishtail Braid

Best Wedding Hairstyles
Image Credit: Pinterest

The fishtail braid has become the favorite hairstyle of many ladies recently. Brides who don’t mind spending some time giving character to their hair on their wedding day can opt for this hairstyle. It will give you an elaborate wedding look.

Mermaid Braid

This hairstyle is another option for brides who are looking for the best wedding hairstyles with braids. A mermaid braid can look more complicated than a fishtail braid. This hairstyle involves two full braids. You can also add hair extensions to make your hair appear longer. The accessories you choose for your hair will make your hairdo look even more stylish.

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Low Braided Bun

Best Wedding Hairstyles
Image Credit: Crayon

A low braided bun can give you a sophisticated look. All you need to do is make a braid and then wrap the braid into a low bun. You should wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail as you need to make a low bun. You can use bobby pins to keep the bun in place. This hairstyle works well in the case of both long hair and short hair.

Messy Beachy Bun

A loose and messy bun that gives a casual look is also one of the best wedding hairstyles these days. The main reason behind the same is that it has been used by brides who had beach weddings. You don’t need to tie the hair so loose that it keeps falling down, but at the same time, you don’t need to tie it too firmly. You can wear a nice headpiece around the bun to accentuate your look.

Wedding Headband

Best Wedding Hairstyles
Image Credit: Ingenio Virtual

A wedding headband is a perfect hair accessory for any bride. Headbands not only make your hair look fabulous but also reduce the effort needed to style your hair. A wedding headband can add depth to your hair. You just need to choose a headband that is compatible with your wedding dress, shoes, and other accessories.

Side Pinned Hair

Side pinned hair is one of the best wedding hairstyles for brides who have short hair. With this hairstyle, you can look wonderful even if you don’t sit at a salon for hours. You just need to put a pin over some strands of your hair, either on the left side or the right side. You can choose a large and exquisite pin to tie your hair on one side.

In order to get the hairstyle that you want, you should hire the services of an experienced hairstylist. You can either go to a salon or call the hairstylist to your home. While the hair is styled on the wedding day itself, some preparations might need to be carried out a few days before the wedding. These preparations can include changing the length or volume of your hair. Some brides even go for a hair straightening or hair perming treatment before their big day.

Final Thoughts

It works in your favor to book an appointment with your hairstylist some days before the wedding to try out different hairstyles. You can also keep in mind the suggestions provided by the stylist to select the hairstyle.

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