Why is ITIL 4 Foundation Online Training the best for graduates?

ITIL 4 Foundation online

Did you hear many people chanting the new mantra of ITIL and ITIL courses in this modern world? Perhaps you’d like to know what these ITIL courses are and why it is prominent. Start the journey of reading this article to clarify what the ITIL 4 Foundation online course is.

Introduction of the ITIL Foundation

For years now, ITIL (previously referred to as IT Infrastructure Library) has been the core and fundamental system of best practice for promoting, implementing, and aligning IT Service Management with market requirements.  

ITIL® is the most widely used Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) framework in this world, with over 5 million certified professionals.

What is ITIL 4 Foundation?

AXELOS ® released in February 2019, the latest version – ITIL 4. It is an entirely different approach to ITSM, allowing professionals to add some additional skills to their expertise.

ITIL 4 is an upgraded, universally recognized standard practice across all organizations for beneficial ITSM. ITIL makes sure that IT services meet the company’s needs. The ITIL 4 version offers a range of new ITSM tools and aligns ITIL with other popular frameworks, such as Agile and DevOps.

ITIL Foundation is an entry-level certification that demonstrates awareness of basic ITIL designs and practices illustrated in the ITIL® Foundation book. It is necessary to obtain additional ITIL certifications. 

In a general way, the ITIL Foundation course will discuss the five stages/core areas: such as Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

What Type of Mode is Best to Learn ITIL 4 Course?

What kind of ITIL course is best? Is it a classroom or online ITIL course? Let’s dig into this to know more.

  • Classroom ITIL Course

You may find it daunting to spend a weekend in this conventional way of learning about the ITIL process and making yourself to know the certification exam. The batch is usually predetermined and booked beforehand, which may be difficult if you work in a high-pressure environment or have a shift rotation. The pace you learn does not coincide with others, as you are faster in some concepts and slower in a few others that could cause a breakdown.

  • Online ITIL Course
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The ITIL Online Course is the online ITIL virtual training mode. You have access to the interactive classroom session for a specific time duration within which you need to complete the course. Some providers offer resources such as the Study Guide, tutorials, and practical evaluations as well. Through working on these tasks and mock tests, you can feel the real exam.

Why Benefits do ITIL® 4 Foundation Online Training Offer?

Let us understand the benefits of the ITIL online course: 

  • The course is accessible from anywhere and anytime you connect to the internet.
  • Do it at one’s own pace! Some days you’re at the highest focus, and you can internalize every concept and complete big tasks. 
  • Another plus is that you can revise those critical areas you are still not comfortable with since the entire course can be requested. 
  • Several companies provide several subscription packages of regular or lifetime plans.

The ITIL 4 Foundation online training course, therefore, offers essential facts on the terminology, layout, and principles of ITIL v4 and helps you prepare for the exam. 

The online course is the ultimate solution to learn ITIL concepts.

  • Industry experts will clarify the basics, including the terms and concepts of the system, and understand the nature and goals of five IFIL Foundation stages.
  • Live online course training without travel provides all the advantages of classroom study without hassle, uncertainty, and travel costs.
  • Similarly, the online study provides you with the flexibility to adapt the course to further obligations, reducing the interruption that multi-day classroom training courses regularly cause.

How does ITIL 4 Certification Work for a Graduate?

Let’s check a few advantages of ITIL 4 Foundation certification: 

  • A wide variety of IT service management job prospects and a definite career track 
  • ITIL 4 Foundation certification provides you with an edge over others when you apply for an IT Services Management position.
  • Provides appreciation both from peers and employers on the ITIL platform 
  • If you are an ITIL 4 Foundation certificate holder, you will be more efficient in enforcing or enhancing ITIL in your company.
  • Completing this course enables you to achieve the standard of four modules of Managing Professional (MP) and two modules of Strategic Leader (SL). 
  • You can study to reach the ITIL Master’s position after you complete both of these levels.
  • You are familiar with the best practices in IT Service Management.  
  • You talk the same jargon and language around the world when you have communication with your customers and associates.
  • You can be your company’s predecessor in enhancing service to your business and, thus, a valued employee. 
  • Save costs and increase organizational efficiency. 
  • Earn a high salary package
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How do you choose to Become ITIL 4 Certified?

The best and most safe thing to be equipped for the future is to have ITIL certification. There is a growing, rising market for qualified and accredited ITIL experts in the fields of ITSM. 

Select a training provider for ITIL 4 Foundation. How are you going to pick one?

You may select a classical ITIL course in physical classroom format or choose an online ITIL 4 Foundation program. What’s essential while selecting the ITIL provider? 

  1. Review the professor’s experience. Make sure that the processes discussed are real-world examples.
  2. Is there any candidate testimonial on the course of the ITIL 4 training provider? 
  3. Cost is certainly an important aspect you ought to take into consideration. Many ITIL 4 online training providers offer you a wide range of ITIL training options online.
  4. What sort of access do you get for your videos when you select online ITIL courses?

Final Words:

It’s worth getting certified when it comes to proving your understanding of your IT work. ITIL Certification is suitable for individual professionals only who have a strong determination to get their certificate. Your goal should be to gain knowledge and practical experience. 

The certification in any or all these levels will help you gain a better understanding of the management and implementation of ITIL 4 across most IT infrastructures. Your new knowledge of the best ITIL practices makes among your peers a much-needed asset and builds your confidence in the company’s role.


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