Vibe Check Diagnosis Test by “ShindanMaker” will Diagnose Your Vibe

Have you ever heard of a vibe check? No worries if you have no idea, basically, “vibe check” is one of those great idiopathic creations of the internet hive mind. That terms expresses the frame of mind or you can say the emotional state of any person. And because we all are curious to know about our emotional state, so there is a tool on internet that helps you do just that.



ShindanMaker is a Japanese website, that lets the people create their own fortune teller like tests, and it is also having a new test among its ranks, that is specifically for conducting vibe checks. To check it, you have to do is visit the page, and then start type in your name, then hit the “diagnose” button, and watch what magic will happen.


After doing that, you’ll get a chart that tells you that where you fall on the vibe spectrum, with categories ranging from “cursed” to “feral” to “gremlin.” It also tells you whether you passed or failed. The test “vibe check” was created by ShindanMaker @kitsu_foxpurr, and it has been played almost 150,000 times.

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