V Wars Season 2″ Will there be a second series of Vampire show on Netflix?”

V Wars

Netflix’s new series V Wars dropped on Thursday on 5th December. Well, there is no official date confirmed, but Ian Somerhalder, who is the executive producer, is trying to continue the story.

He explained that Season one is tough, you try to find your character and new look of the show. However, there are many things to learn.

He explained the difference from working to a new format where you typically get a long run show between 18-22 episodes.

Season One of Vampire series was contained on ten episodes. Executive producer Ian said there is so much stuff to come. I was excited about season one, and now really some amazing stuff is coming in season two.

V Wars series is based on Jonathan Maberry’s work. Ian well writes some amazing books. He is the best author without an ego.

Release Date of V Wars Season 2

The first time V Wars announced in April 2018 with leading cast roles. The first season has dropped on 5th December 2019. Well, there are many chances for the second season, but not before 2021.

Who Will in V Wars Season 2?

As you know season one announced Dr Luther Swan and Michael Fayne who are best friends and find themselves in opposite sides of a fight when Michael is hit with a mysterious virus and turns into a vampire. Well, we hope that cast stars pf season one will return for the second season.

Season one is all about the scary new world where the vampire virus is causing fear and collapsing society. Well, the show touches different issues such as environmental and climate. In V wars series, different types of vampires will be included.

Besides in other cast stars Michael Greyeyes, Jacky Lai, Kimberly Sue Murray and Peter Outerbridge are included.

We have not the trailer of the second season. But you can watch the first season trailer here.

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