Use The Best Free Instagram Analytics Apps To Get Better Results

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The Instagram Analytics App is free for you to use if you want to measure your social media marketing efforts and the results of integrating Instagram with it. This will help you know the areas that you need to develop and those that you can continue it to stay competitive in 2019 and beyond.

Over the past couple of years, especially after 2017, using Instagram by the businesses for their marketing purposes is seen to be growing rapidly in popularity. According to research, it is seen that that has been a steady growth in the use of Instagram by about 20% among the small and big brands.

Therefore, if you want to do well in your business then you will have to leverage Instagram. However, simply integrating it with your other forms of marketing is not enough. You will not get the desired results if you do not measure your efforts with the help of the tools available for it.

There are several Instagram Analytics tools that you will find to use for that matter including:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Squarelovin
  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • Union Metrics
  • Pixlee
  • Socialbakers.

The good thing about these tools is that these will not only help you discern the positives and 

Need to select the right tools

Since the demands of the people, as well as the market, has changed significantly, you will need to provide what is required to stay competitive in 2019 and beyond. There are a few specific Instagram Analytics tools that you should use to keep up with these changing times. 

These tools will help you to:

  • Identify the loopholes in your marketing strategy
  • Know the engagement metrics
  • Track your progress as well as your traffic and 
  • Design a better strategy, if required.

Since there are lots of Instagram analytics tools available, zeroing on anyone can be tricky. However, you will need to choose the right one inevitably because this will ensure that you stay updated with the frequent changes made to the API and Instagram Algorithm. You will be able to gain more followers without requiring to buy real Instagram likes

It is your selection of the right Instagram analytics tools that will help you to increase the power of your social media marketing and gain better results. This will provide the right solutions working in perfect harmony with the other social media management tools that you may be using.

Therefore, it is not only required that you choose the right tools but also master its use so that you know the right marketing metrics that you should look for.

The Best Instagram analytics tools to use

Explaining or knowing about the features and functionality of all of the Instagram analytics tools in a single page or article is certainly not possible which is why you should look for some of the best ones. Here they are:

  • Quantity: This is a dashboard tool. It will cover different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube that you are using. The good thing is that you can customize this dashboard with widgets so that it suits your business requirements and allows you to gain those metrics that matter most to you.
  • Brandwatch Consumer Research: Just as the nomenclature suggests, this tool will help you to know a lot of useful info of your customers. Simply plug the tool in your Instagram account to get a wide range of metrics such as follower count, shares, interactions and mentions. Using this tool you can also use the top performing Instagram post.
  • Socialbakers: This free Instagram analytics tool will enable you to craft your own dashboard that will help you to see the top performing posts, most tagged accounts, the most popular hashtags, and other general information about your followers and posts.

Most of these tools have a very easy to use User Interface that is easy to navigate. With the best insights and analysis, these tools will help you to manage your Instagram marketing effort and account from within the platform itself.

Develop your Instagram strategy

When you choose a tool according to your niche it will help you to develop better Instagram strategy. For example, you can develop your next Instagram contest based on the different metrics gathered and analyzed with the help of the tools. 

When you combine and analyze the metrics and information about your customers you will be able to design a contest that the customers will like to participate in. You can make the best out of this opportunity by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or furnish their email address. Both this will ensure that you increase your customer database which is the primary intention of any business owner. 

Therefore, make sure that when you choose your tool, you focus on those that will provide you with better, larger and varied insights, data and analytics reports.

Tactical insights about content

There are a few specific Instagram analytics tools that will provide you with tactical insights. This will be very useful for you apart from the info that you have on:

  • Your Instagram account
  • Your individual posts 
  • The performance metrics and 
  • The specific KPIs.

All this will ensure that you are able to make better content decisions. There are even a few tools that will help you to identify the particular photosthat you need to filter so that you can enhance the performance of it. This will be more appealing and meaningful to the audience.

This is due to the fact that these tools will help you to make a better comparison of the multiple metrics and not provide you a report based on a single set of data. For example, followers can be categorized under different heads such as:

  • Mass follower
  • Potentially normal
  • Normal
  • Popular and
  • Influencer.

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram and others, it is important to know the engagement of the followers with your content. The tools will help you in this as well as help you to pinpoint the big players among your audience. 

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