Top Best Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Online Movie And Tv Shows

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If you are trying to watch free online movies, then this place is for you. To search for a free online movie site is a quite difficult task.

Therefore, we collect information for you and going to talk about free streaming sites where you can watch free online movies and TV Shows.

There are many places to watch free video streaming websites where you can watch your favourite movies and tv shows. Many websites do not work, and people waste their time searching for best and legal streaming sites for movies.

Well, here we are going to writing about the best free online streaming sites for movies and Tv shows where you can get easy access to your device.

I hope you’ll enjoy this content and the best free online websites for tv shows and movies.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the famous sites, and everyone knows about it. On this site, you can watch movies, tv shows, trailers, etc. it has a long list of free films like you can watch Popcornflix and Netflix shows via YouTube.

There is every kind of movies and tv shows are available. It is a legal streaming site, so you just need a good internet speed. Even though you can download the movie ad tv shows to watch later.


  • Many free movies are hosted on official YouTube channels
  • Any kind of video goes viral
  • Option to share on social media
  • Can categorize the video content


  • Sometimes Lost traffic and control
  • Watch later option is not working for all videos
  • Auto-play feature

2. Vudu

Vudu is a familiar best free movie streaming website where thousands of movies available. The website brings all-new additions such as Cats and Dogs, Maggie, Pearl Harbor, While You were sleeping and many more.

Well, you need to register yourself on the website for watching the movie and tv shows on Vudu. The best feature si that you can activate digital copies of videos from here.

Besides, movies and tv shows are available for buying and rental on Vudu. This legal free steaming site has all kinds of categories such as crime, comedy, horror, romance, family, Kids, etc.


  • Large collection of movies and tv shows
  • Easy to use for all devices


  •  Available in the just US
  • Little bit Expensive
  •  Pay for watching

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the best free streaming website for your android phone. There is a large collection of movies that you can download without any subscription fee. It has a good reputation because of providing excellent free streaming.

Popcornflix has a large collection of movies in different categories such as romance, comedy, horror, adventure, drama. The navigation is simple, and you just arrange the page with thumbnails.


  • Easy to use and fresh interface
  •  Wide range of collection
  •  Smoothly run with good internet speed.


  •  Video quality is not so good
  •  Ads during show
  •  No subtitles are available

4. Crackle

Crackle is one of the famous free streaming websites where you can watch online movies. The most amazing feature of this streaming website is that you can watch movies at zero cost.

It is one of the content-rich streaming sites for free online movies and tv shows where you find quality for comedy, action movies, Hot fuzz, etc. Moreover, it also provides fast and smooth videos.

Sony Picture Entertainment owned this site, so millions of people like it and also providing services of some channels such as Roku.


  • A large collection of movies
  •  Free streaming with good quality


  •  Add supported site
  • Big libraries but some popular films are not available.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is another best free streaming sites where you can watch online movies.

All the latest movies and tv shows are available here. Every kind of category is available on this site.

However, there is a need to register yourself for watching the mature content. It gives you high-quality videos.


  • High-quality videos
  • Simple navigation
  • Large range of collection


  • Ads start between the videos that cause interruption.

6.  Pluto TV

Another best streaming movie site is Pluto TV, where hundreds of exclusive content available.

It is different from other free streaming websites. You can get streaming of Pluto movies, classic movies, Fox spots, horror 24/7.

Moreover, the on-demand video library for instant movies is the best feature of this site. Besides, you can get access to many channels and their original content, documentaries, news, sports, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Unique from other websites
  • Get original and on-demand content
  • HD quality


  • Menu setting should be better
  • Issues sometimes occur during watching

7. Veoh

Veoh also offers free streaming service to watch online movies and tv shows. There is a lot of new and old movies found. In some countries, it faced some streaming issues, but still, people have access to millions of videos. Users of the site can upload content like other major media networks.


  •  Great collection of new and old movies


  • Not user-friendly
  • Issues in some countries

8. Snag Films

Snag Films is one of the popular and best free watch online streaming site where almost 2000 Videos are available.

In these videos, movies, tv shows, and documentaries are included. It is one of the legal and online sites where you enjoy your stuff in HD quality.

All the latest and old tv shows and movies are available here.


  • Well organized websites
  • Watch later option available


  •  Limited library collection
  • Not supported Hulu and Netflix


These are the best free streaming websites where you can watch online movies and tv shows.

You will really enjoy these websites. However, we’ll update you on some other sites too that working well for free online movies and tv shows.

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