The 100 Season 7: Cast, Release Date, and Spoilers of the Upcoming season!

The 100 Season 7

The 100 season is the CW series, and its sixth instalments have completed. Fans love and appreciated the series. Now the seventh show is on the way. Let’s have a look at all the details of the show.

The 100 seasons six has left the cliffhanger in which Asha killed Octavia. The upcoming season will follow the story of Kass Morgan of post-apocalyptic novels.

The season will start from where six ended. There would be some mind-blowing twist that will feature Hope’s early twenties. It will be some time travelling season too.

Spoilers of The 100 Season 7

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Showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced the news on twitter the series would be the final show. Moreover, he said he is quite satisfied with the show as well as fans would be satisfied.

Jason Rothenberg told that the show had not had Octavia. The show will be an emotional ending.

Who Will in It?

In the cast star, Eliza Taylor will play the role of Clarke Griffin. In other leading members Marie Avegeropolous, Christopher Larkin, Lindsey Morgon and Morely are included.

Will there be a villain in season 7?

The upcoming season will be the final season and divided into two halves. The midseason finale will serve as a backdoor for a prequel series.

The story features the years of 97 years. It is a story of survivors who will face the issues and try to adjust to the new world.

The character who kills another character book a seat as a villain. All the mystery is around Hope’s character who really not to be a villain. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg said in interview fans will really love hope.

Release Date of The 100 Season 7

According to reports, the 100 season will air in spring. The production started in August. The 100 season 7 will release in 2020. It seems that the new show ill come to an end with an interesting story.

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