Tesla Anxiously Adding and Removing Different Variants


On Monday evening, Tesla updated its online design studio, with the several changes in pricing and other options across its entire lineup. Tesla Motors Inc has been consistently adjusting the prices over the last year, especially for the US, under the effects if its federal tax credit that has been gradually reduced after hitting the 200,000 electric car deliveries in United States.

In new pricing some things become cheaper, others become even more expensive, and there are several variants, which are going away. The electric carmaker has also been anxiously adding and also removing different variants of its Model S, Model 3 and Model X vehicles.

California-based electric automaker is now only offering the Long Range and the Performance versions of “Model S” and “Model X”, which means that the Model X at $85,000 and the Model S now starts at $80,000.

The company also dropped its newly introduced the Standard Range Model S, just after 3 weeks before reintroducing it again and Tesla killed the Standard Range versions of Model S and Model X again. It is making Ludicrous package that enables the 2.4-second 0-60 mph acceleration on Model S Performance, standard on all its performance Model X and Model S. Previously, it was a $20,000 option.

For Model 3 also seeing some option and price changes as the base Model 3 listed on Tesla’s website is still the Standard Range Plus and it is now available at  $38,990 with the Pearl White color instead of black.

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