Spain Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic Again, Govt. Silent

Spain Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic Again, Govt. Silent

Spain has again become the epicenter of coronavirus, but the government seems to be in denials about it. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez went on a vacation with family and didn’t address the public over the past week. Spain has recorded the highest daily number of infections per million population in Europe. Every day, the situation is getting worse, and there is a lot of bad news for Spaniards.

How Spain again became the Epicenter of Coronavirus

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On August 19, Spain recorded of 3,715 cases within 24 hours. It was the highest since April 23. Since the tourism industry has shattered in the country, the economy is on the knees. Some voters have spoken about being on edge and that the ruling class might carry the political cost for the weak minority government. More so, because they rely on separatists to retain their power.

The way Pedro Sanchez handled the coronavirus pandemic has been highly criticized. On the contrary, Italy, a country that was in worse condition than Spain, seems to do much better in managing the crisis now.

Both Italy and Spain are into recession and are trying to balance the need to keep their people safe and also try to capitalize on the lucrative summertime.

Even though Pedro Sanchez has been an active part of regular meetings, he has been silent publicly. The worst that he could come up with is to say that “Spain is at war.” During that time, they were organizing new conferences every day and sometimes even twice a day to discuss the virus spread.

Pedro Sanchez silent amidst growing problems of the economy

The UK had set a rule for all travelers returning from Spain for a 14-day quarantine. But Pedro Sanchez was angry for being singled out. Since then, the authorities have started ordering to close nightclubs and limit the opening hours of bars.

More European nations suffered spikes in the number of cases recently. However, Spain seems to be in the worst condition. The hospitality industry was waiting to welcome guests from August. Instead, the nation got a travel warning globally. Spain is the second-most famous country in the world, and tourism accounts for 12% of its economy.

Italy also recorded the most significant number of new cases in the last three months on August 19. However, Germany handled the issues well and have loosened restrictions. Spaniards would have wished for that too, but their leader isn’t similarly managing the pandemic.

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