Shows to Go For If You Are a Fan of Sherlock

Fan of Sherlock

For the Sherlock fandom that waits years for the next installment, you’ll make it through. If only for the day till you get to revel in the next episode. The masterfully crafted series, based on Arthur Canon Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventures, takes detective stories to a whole new level. And, while the show is perfection no doubt and comparing it to any other detective show would be blasphemous, may we be so bold to suggest some shows to help you deal with the Sherlock withdrawal? You know you need it!

To help you stay sane and ensure your inquisitive mind gets its doze of mystery, here are shows you can watch till your favorite characters hit the screen again.


Sherlock isn’t the only show with modern day adaptation of a classic novel. Jekyll is a must watch for all the fans as it hits all the right senses. Given that it is written by Sherlock creator Steven Moffat, is that even surprising? 

So, what is it about? The show centers on the descendent of the original Dr Jekyll who has begun transforming into Mr. Hyde. If you’ve read the original series you know what follows next. The main character then abandons his family and barricades himself in a basement flat. He hires a psychiatric nurse and begins swapping video messages with his alter ego. The human mind is amazing and this show manages to capture it all. Keeping you on your toes, the show is bound to have you glued to it. 


Another great detective show is Luther, also by BBC. The series main character, Luther, is played by Idris Elba so you can be sure it’s going to be good. If you loved Sherlock’s arch nemesis Moriarty, then be sure to check this out.

Alice Morgan is the murderous psychopath in this series and she has committed the perfect crime and Luther, may know she is the one behind it, but can’t find the evidence to prove it.  The cat-and-mouse chase that ensues and how their unique relationship progresses will have you hooked. Given that our hero in not the cleanest cop, you’re in for surprises. You must watch it next!


Speaking of a world-class villain to set the story in motion, how can we forget, Whitechapel!

The drama follows detectives in the Whitechapel district who must solve murder cases that are a replication of historical crimes. Remember Jack the Ripper? Or how about the Ratcliff Highway? Well this show is designed around such crimes that occur in modern day. Keep your fingers crossed for the plot twists you’re sure to get!

The Mentalist

As the name suggests, this show is going to be a treat for the mind.

The show focuses on Patrick Jane, a former famous psychic, who finally reveals himself to be fake after a serial killer, Red John, kills his family. A psychic and a psychopath, the show already sounds great doesn’t it?

When his family is killed, Patrick internalizes the event and considers the blame to be his as right before the murders he had been mocking the killer on the TV posing as a psychic. He then starts working at California Bureau of Investigation as a consultant to track down Red John. His mentalist background helps him on cases as he manages to interpret minute details correctly and more often than not, draws the right logical conclusion. The way Sherlock does, wouldn’t you agree? While you wait for the next episode of your favorite series, this one could ride you over for sure!


Looking for an eccentric detective to solve a case? Look no further than Monk. 

Adrian Monk has severe OCD and a number of phobias that’ll make you wonder why he is even a detective. But, these are the very things that make him a great detective. The murder of his wife traumatizes him leading to these disorders. After he is laid off from his former job as detective in San Francisco Police Department given these eccentricities, he comes back to take up the role of a consultant. The show offers a new case each episode that you’re sure to have fun solving with Monk.

Sherlock Holmes

If you want Sherlock Holmes and nothing more, you might want to watch the Granada Sherlock Holmes TV series. The eight odd episodes stay true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and give you the Holmes-Watson duo that you love. 

The show is faithful to the canon and you’ll see and old England. The cases too are specific to the time and if you’re a fan of the books, you’ll fall in love! If these don’t cut it, may we suggest you give the books a go? Till the time the next episode airs, this is your best bet.

Final Word

There you go. These are sure to help you survive till the next episode comes which may not be for the next few years even. You can find most of them online, and you might even get a few on the cable. Just be sure you have a package that offers great channel line-up. Spectrum TV select has most of your favorite channels covered. So, what are you waiting for? It’s binging time!

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