Servant Season 1 Episode 7 “BOBA” What’s Coming next in Seventh Episode!

Servant Season 1

The servant is a psychological horror series. It is famous series of Academy nominated director M.Night Shyamalan. It is the flagship series on Apple TV+.

Tony Basgallop is the writer of this script. The show is a story of a Philadelphia couple in mourning period aster a tragedy which creates the rift in their marriage.

Stephen King praised the series on his official Twitter and the sais that the series is ” Extremely creepy and totally involving.”

As I mentioned above the steaming platform of the show is Apple TV+. The show broadcasted first time on 28th November 2019. First three episodes released combine the first time and after that every day obe episode releases.

“Now the Seventh episode will air on 27th December 2019 on Apple TV +. Boba is the title of the upcoming episode”


It is only available on Apple TV+, and there is no any other platform for this show. We don’t know the exact time of the streaming episode; however, it comes mostly in the morning time.

What Will Happen in the Show?

Shayamalan is the producer of the show and created by Tony. It follows a story of a couple of Dorothy and Sean who lose their baby name “Jericho”, and now their marriage was in danger.

Well, Dorothy starts to recover with the cooperation of the Reborn doll. however after some time she hirs a nanny to take care of this baby doll. It is the point where things take some bizarre turn.

Well, the show has a total of ten episodes, and upcoming is seventh so enjoy this episode.

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